Friday, October 31, 2008

Better Today

I just needed to get all of that off my chest. It has been such a huge stress and worry for me.

We already have the second opinion set up and thanks to another friend who is working on a third. If C needs surgery, we will need to see a different Dr anyway so I would rather start establishing that relationship now.

We are still not mentioning it to our families right now.

Thanks for all the thoguhts and prayers coming our way for little C. It is appreciated.

Comments are back on now as well. :)


ohioana said...

There is nothing harder than seeing someone you love suffer through a medical problem. I know this is really tough, but you are doing all the right things. Later in life C will be thankful he had responsible parents who took care of this for him.

sarah said...

I totally agree with the other post. You are doing everything you can to help him. You both are great parents! I would be just as aggravated, sad, and worried as you are. I think you are handling it very well. Please let us know if you ever need anything :) We definitely have the little guy in our prayers.

Val said...

Sorry to hear about this Jenn. I hadn't read this post until tonight. Would have said something this morning. I think you definitely made the right move by getting a second opinion. Make sure you tell the next one that you were blown off the first time. Also, make him understand that you are there to help alleviate Cam's situation and need his help. That way he/she knows you aren't seeking a second opinion simply because you're in denial or something like that. Cam deserves attention and surely more than 2 minutes of it. We would be just as worried and upset, so hang in there and just get the job done. Make sure to find out why they wait 6 months, if possible to act earlier, and how it affects long term to wait this long. Not that you wouldn't have thought of this, but write down your questions so you don't forget them when in the room with the doctor. I always say I have a list with a couple questions so it gives the doctor a heads up not to take off until I'm done.

And the "sunshine up my ass" comment on your last post made me spit out my drink !!!! ha ha!