Thursday, January 29, 2009

The deal

Spoke with my old boss yesterday. Here is the run down:

PT position 3 days a week 8:30-5 M,W,F
No benefits at all - they may pay my parking
Would be more of a helper for overflow, probably not many of my own cases

I told her that my biggest obstacle is finding reliable, trusting PT daycare. We are already switching FT daycare facilites for C. That was already in the works before this popped up. So I have called around to places we toured and liked before C was born and no one takes PT before 18 months. Rich & I are not comfortable with a private sitter so we are stuck. We just don't want to take him to a complete strangers house when he is so little and can't tell us what is going on. I was honest and told her that was the deal.

So she is going to look at a possible FT position there. I am not sure I want to do that. I don't know if I want to do FT with all the problems and drama there again. One of the girls I worked with called last night and told me some of the drama that went on since it snowed so bad yesterday. I could handle PT with just being a helper and not in a main role and just doing my job with the headset on and be done.

Depending on what they offer me pay wise, we could do FT at a center until he was 18 months adn then drop him to PT and I would work PT during that transition time to 18 months. But every single penny I made would truly go to daycare. Is it worth it? I would have a guaranteed PT job once he was at the PT care age. Or do I wait until he is 18 months and ask to go PT at my current job?

I e-mailed my old boss this morning to tell her that I don't want her to make up a FT position for me if the work/room/money for it isn't there. I don't want to hurt anyone that is there now or get into a billable hrs problem again like when I left. So she is gonig to get with me next week after talking it over and looking at numbers.

So what is my gut telling me? PT I could go for and handle. I would still be making money (eventually) and getting out with adults to socialize. Plus 4 days a week with C!! I do not think I could handle FT again. I think the same old drama and crap would get me down and make myself and Rich miserable.

So now I wait and see what she brings back offer wise for PT and/or FT. Either way I still ahve a job (for now) that I am grateful for most days!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Am I crazy?

This is nuts to even put out there but here goes. My old job has contacted me and wants me to come back PT. I would be like an assistant, mostly helping out and have a few of my own cases to work. Work either every morning or 2-3 full days a week. So I am having a conference call to talk about it tomorrow. Basically the job is mine it is just working out the details.

I am so torn. Lay.offs have been mentioned/threatened for real now. I had my review yesterday and no pay raise. The big project is on semi-permanent hiatus it seems. Pressure to create more entries is rising fast and furious and we have no way to control or help it. During my review my boss didn't even fill out the normal goals/objectives paper. He is also worried I am bored.

The old job had its major drawbacks as well. Not nice bosses and crazy schedule at times. Plus there wasn't always enough for me to do. And billable hour pressure.

But working PT would be a huge plus for C. Maybe he could get a more regular nap schedule so he isn't going to bed at 6:30 every night and even earlier on weekends sometimes. And we could do fun things in the afternoons.

I just need to make a decision after talking to the old boss and deciding about daycare for C. Deciding what is best for C and for me. This is going to be hard. If he was a little bit older it would be easy daycare wise, but he isn't so now we have to weigh out what we feel is best for C. Plus I need to decide if going back is the right thing for me as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Motivation came to me on Saturday in an unusual way. Our pipes froze so we had no hot water Saturday. So I said I would go to the gym and take a shower. And since I was there I decided to work out as well. I did 25 min on the exercise bike. I felt really good afterwards. Although a little lightheaded. I have got to remember to start eating before exercising. And I got a hot shower which made me feel even better. Pipes thawed by Sunday so we were ok. We do have a crack in the drain from the water softener so we need to get that looked at. I was hoping to get the outside fixed up this year but it looks like it will be the inside instead.

Yesterday was so awesome!! I got up to help Rich get C ready to go to school. Then after they left I went back to bed. I slept a couple more hours and then finished ecl.ipse. The Twil.ight series is so good. Then I went had lunch and did some shopping. I got some stuff for C (clothes for now and this spring) and a new purse, wallet and tech case for me. I spent almost all of my b-day GC and money from last year.

I went to pick C up a little early since I was over that way. He got a huge smile on his face when he heard my voice. He was "helping" Ms Katie rearrange the toys on the bottom bookshelf when I got there (He was taking all the toys out and throwing them on the floor). I went to his crib to get his car seat and coat and he turned to look for me. C bonked his head on the wood bookcase. Poor dude! He started crying really hard tears. I went and picked him up and he smiled and buried his head on me. So funny!

This morning we put him with his girlfriend and they were so happy to see each other. She had on sparkly shoes that he loved. This has been a fun.

Yesterday was so nice I even made dinner last night. I feel 1000% better today and not in nearly as bad of a mood as usual to be at work. I definitely need to pay attention and do Jenn days more often if I need to. It is better for everyone when I do.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jumping in

I am going to do low.carb again to try and jump start the weight loss. Cut out the pop and the sweets. Oh how I love sweets though. And bread. Ugh!!! Damn you PCOS insulin-resistance!! If anyone has low.carb snacks, meal ideas let me know. I need something.

I want to lose 50 lbs this year. I have to lose 10 by the time I go back to the Dr in June. 50!!!!!!!!!!! I put it here to be accountable so everyone knows what is up. I would love a ticker but you have to put your real weight in there and I love you all, but that number is a secret. No way am I sharing that with the Internet!! I can share everything else though, sort of funny! 50 lbs would put me at my weight when we got married almost 9 yrs ago.

Monday is a holiday for me. Yeah for corporate life. So I am doing the unthinkable. C is going to daycare and I am having a Jenn day. I am sleeping in after helping get C ready for the day. I will probably have an easy lunch. Do some shopping with GC I still have from my birthday last year. Maybe go to the salon. Going to the movies with some friends from work that afternoon. Going to see Twi.light again. Then pick up C that afternoon a little early and spend some extra time with him.

I am really looking forward to this and I need it so bad, so no judging!! I know I could keep C that day and we could have fun too, but I need this break in the worst way. I feel lost and I need to do this for myself. I am very excited!! February holiday is all about a me & C day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was going to do a post about my reflections on 2008 and what a year it was but I couldn't get my act together for that. Now it seems stupid to do that. Why bother?

I haven't started out 2009 with my best foot forward. I have not been a nice person to someone I love deeply and I apologize for that.

I need to loose weight and cannot get motivated to do it. Health wise it is imperative, but even that is unmotivating to me. I have no willpower and can't stay away from the good stuff. I lost 30 lbs after the 2nd mc for motivation to have a baby. Now that he is here and tangiable you would think he would be motivation to stick around to see him grow up? Not so much.

I am a big Blog reader especially IF blogs. Sometimes that is the way to fill my day since they won't let me do more stuff at work. So why is everyone going password protected all of the sudden? I hope this isn't a huge trend. I don't plan on passwording this blog. I have thought about having a more anonymous blog to write more controversial posts, but I can barely keep up with the two I have now.

I am having a moral/ethical/jealous dilemma with a girl I work with that is pregnant. We are almost long lost sisters in our similar paths of TTC/IF and recurrent loss. She is pregnant and I know more than she does about the land of IF/loss and where her current pregnancy is heading. She is so excited. So I keep encouraging her and telling her that maybe she just ovulated really late and that is why she is measuring behind! Even though if she stopped to think about it mathematically it is impossible. Ugh!!! Sometimes it sucks to know as much as I do about this crappy stuff we are dealt.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have no motivation for much right now. I need something to look forward to in the near future. My co-worker says I need a vacation because I am getting bitchy and mean at work too. I am trying to convince Rich of the same thing. We are working on it.