Monday, January 28, 2008

Registry - Check!

Registry is done. That was something that had been weighing on my mind. I am so thrilled it is finished, for now anyway. I may be doing some revisions before I send out shower invites.

I was really proud of Rich & I. Neither of us was thrilled or excited to do the registry. The day started out with Rich being crabby so I didn’t have high hopes. Once we got to the big baby store though it went very smooth. We had a list and some items already picked out. We got it done in about 2 hrs. Then we had to wait for them to finalize it at the end. We didn’t crab or fight at all. We did have to take a break half way through, but that is getting to be the norm for me lately anyway. Getting harder & harder to keep up the pace of old.

Some friends or ours had their little boy on Wednesday. He is absolutely adorable. It was so weird to go and see him and hold him. It was a very real reminder that things are starting to kick into gear for me next. His birth seemed so far off & now he is here. Congrats to Jason & Devon on their little miracle Gabriel Phenix!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Information Overload

So Cletus is actually going to be born soon. I know this seems like a duh moment, but to us I think it is finally starting to sink in. We toured the hospital this week and we both talked afterwards that it was one of those, holy crap we are going to be having a baby here very soon moments.

We ordered the furniture this week as well. That was an ordeal in and of itself. I think we were there for 2 hrs!! We knew what we wanted; we even picked out the glider and ottoman and got that as well. Unfortunately the glider and ottoman are being discontinued so guess who got to drive to Columbus on their day off to get the ottoman? If you guessed Jenn, you are correct. That was a very long & tiring drive with some confusion at the end, but I made it & got the ottoman. The rest of the furniture will be here in a couple weeks. That means it is time to drain the waterbed & paint the stars. I found a template for the star so we are good to go there. I just need to pick a color.

I have started organizing clothes for Cletus. We have all sorts of sizes since I have been buying some winter stuff on clearance now. I can’t believe how cheap stuff is right now!!! I can’t pass up a 15.00 sweater for 2.50, plus they are so cute!!! I can’t wait to dress him up when he gets here.

I also put the deposit down for daycare for Cletus. I went to tour the place that Rich loved on Monday. I wasn’t feeling that great so I wasn’t paying too much attention so it was a good idea that Rich had already gone. He has a spot starting 9/29, but we are no. 1 on the waiting list. The director told me there is a good chance we could get moved up before then. I am really hoping that is the case. I want to get him into the daycare and the learning routine as soon as possible.

My Dr appt this week was really good. PAP was totally negative!!! So I truly think my theory is correct for the abnormal one. Also I passed the glucose test. I was so shocked!!! I thought for sure with the PCOS and insulin resistance there was no way that would happen. The nurse told me the number though and it was a clearly passing number. No anemia either. I am measuring perfect even though I am not very big at all. Dr. H said that things were going perfect and not to worry. Easy for him to say.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Does it? I certainly hope so. Sorry about my blogging absence. Work is getting super busy and I am too tired in the evenings now to catch up.

Rich is leaving me for a trip this weekend. I would like to know when I get my turn. I went on a trip without him about 6 yrs ago, but I could use a little trip away. Maybe I can talk him into that for my birthday, hmmmm. A spa trip would be excellent. Hint, hint.

So the most amazing thing happened the other night. Cletus was moving and kicking like crazy. I told Rich to come over and feel him. Rich felt a couple big kicks and then he started with the really light kicks. Rich couldn’t feel those so he just laid there with his head on my belly. Then he said he was hearing the kicks!!! And he really was. He would tell me when he heard a little thud and I felt it at the same time!!! That was so cool!! And something only Rich can do too. I couldn’t believe he could actually hear the kicks just with his ear next to my belly. Cletus also rolled his hand/foot in my belly and basically punched Rich in the side of the head. That was really funny too. I just couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was.

We had a scare last night. Cletus is usually very, very active in the evenings, but yesterday he wasn’t at all. I tried several things to wake him up. Nothing was working though. So we dragged out the Doppler. Rich was able to find his heartbeat pretty quick and wouldn’t you know, that little booger started kicking me hard just then. I told Rich we are in so much trouble. He is going to be super stubborn, just like mommy & daddy.

I am in the third trimester now and I can tell it. I am starting to get the waddle going on when I get up from sitting after awhile. I am starting to feel more pelvic pressure and pain. I also am getting bigger. The other day during a work meeting I looked down and was trying to figure out where my big belly came from. I need to take another belly pic soon. I only have the one so far.

My baby shower has been scheduled and all planned out. I am actually excited since it is exactly what I want. My mom is upset about it, but she’ll get over it. If not, it isn’t going to be my problem. As my sister said “This is all about the baby not the old people. Screw them.” That’s why she got elected to host!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dr Appt Update

Dr appt yesterday was pretty uneventful. I did have the PAP done. Dr. H was gentle and now it is over for a few months. No spotting or bleeding so I feel good about that. Got the lab slip to do the GD test. Not looking forward to that as I expect to fail and have to take the 3 hr test. Thank you PCOS and family history for that one. All my other symptoms, aches and pains are all normal. I am on every 2 week appts now. When did that happen?

Still having morning sickness. Every time someone asks me if I am feeling better and not getting sick anymore and I agree, then I get sick. It’s like Cletus is mocking me and getting all sarcastic already. Yikes!! We are in so much trouble.

The bedding is arriving today. I am so excited about that. I can’t wait to get home and look at it in person. I hope I still like it.

We are signed up for childbirth, newborn care and infant CPR classes. They start in the next couple weeks. This is getting so crazy!!!

Cletus decided on Monday night to have a 3 hour party in my belly!!! He was kicking, punching and moving non-stop. He kicked so hard one time I jumped. I think he was angry about the OSU game too!!!

Not much else going on with us. Boring can be a good thing though. I think we are going to drag ourselves to register by the end of the month.

I also wanted to say thanks to those of you that have commented lately. I was beginning to think maybe no one was reading anymore. That would be ok, I know things are pretty boring right now. I hope they will get more exciting in the next couple months.

Monday, January 7, 2008


I think I am going to just make this a mass update on the things happening over the past couple weeks. There is some stuff going on, but nothing too interesting.

Next Dr appt is tomorrow. Will schedule the glucose screening then. Supposed to have my PAP too, but I am going to try to wiggle my way out of that until after Cletus is here. We will see how successful I am tomorrow. I also got a letter from the new Dr stating there is a pre-pay for delivery, but I don’t have to pay it now. They gave me the option so it is one less bill to have to deal with later. We also have a deductible which I was not aware of so that was good to know. At least they aren’t going to hound me and call me about the money every month like my last Dr office did.

I think the biggest thing is that we have Cletus’ room cleared out. Rich & I didn’t even fight once, which is amazing. I think we finally have a system worked out so we don’t have to get on each other anymore. Everything has been removed except for the waterbed and a book shelf that is staying in there. I can’t even believe we did it in just a couple weekends. If I ever get the nerve up I may post the before pics on here. It is pretty embarrassing, but it is what it was. I hope to get the waterbed out sometime this week.

We ordered the bedding this weekend. It should be here sometime in the next couple weeks. We also have a painting scheme in mind now, so I am excited to get the bedding here to match the paint up and get started. It is just going to be decorative. The walls will stay the same color I think. I reserve the right to change my mind. Sorry Rich!!

We went and bought a bouncy seat at Tar.get on Saturday. It was so weird to pick it out & put it in the cart. We returned stuff from X-mas so we decided to buy the bouncy seat with it. It is very cute. I can’t wait to put Cletus in it.

We have also picked out a daycare for Cletus. That was the most stressful and at times terrifying thing we have done so far to get ready for Cletus. It is so hard to decide on a place to basically raise your child while you are at work. I think Rich is going to do a big post on this at some point, hopefully soon. I should point out though, that I am totally trusting him and going on his recommendation since I haven’t been to this particular place yet. I plan to visit in the next couple weeks though.

Time is really starting to fly by now. The 1st & 2nd trimester really drug by I think. Now the first trimester is next week. We have a lot to do to get ready to bring Cletus home, but we are doing good so far.

I have been thinking of starting a website to update family about the baby. If I do that it will be private, but I will let everyone know about it.