Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogging Break

Vacation time is here for me finally. I am joining Rich after his conference in Chicago tomorrow. I am so excited to be going & taking a break. Work has been really busy this week, so I am ready.

My pelvis & hips are starting to ache & hurt so my body is getting ready. I am hoping for a massage soon so that I can get some relief. I am also having horrible insomnia the past few nights. I don’t know if it is Rich being gone & sleeping on his side of the bed or what. I haven’t gone to sleep before midnight any night this week. That has been really hard, but I just keep trucking though. Just trying to get to Thursday.

Monday afternoon is the big ultrasound. So far I think we are leaning towards finding out the gender. Hopefully Cletus will cooperate. I can’t wait to go shopping for gender specific clothes!!!

Cletus moves around like crazy now. Especially after I drink juice. I think I felt my first big roll the other night. I was telling Rich it really is like having an alien in there. You have no control over it, but all of the sudden there is movement. Last night when Rich called me, Cletus started kicking like crazy. I think he miss daddy.

I will update everyone on Monday probably after the ultrasound. I am hoping for a healthy, happy baby. Boy or girl, it doesn’t even matter. I will have my poll up until Monday morning. So far it is unanimous.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

A tribute

To one of my favorite big hair 80s bands . . . Bon Jovi

Whoa, we're half way there. Whoa, living on a prayer.

That's right everyone, I am 20 wks today. Halfway there, halfway done. It is so amazing to think that I have made it to the halfway point. I am on the downhill slope toward having Cletus. Of course that also has my freaking out a little bit too. There is so much to do & we are starting to run out of time to do it in. I am going to call next week about the childbirth classes & start really thinking about registering. I am dreading that, but it is something that has to be done. Evidently, both my MIL and Rich's step-mom have asked my SIL about the baby shower. Funny no one has asked me about it. There will be only 1 baby shower, if I have to have one.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a lot to be thankful for this year. It actually was pretty good this year. Only went to 2 places this year. We have decided to do that every year. Everyone will have to take turns. It didn't go over very well with Rich's dad, but too bad. This will be the last Christmas we travel around too. I am looking forward to staying home next year.

So here is my belly pics from yesterday. I was shocked at how big I look in the pics. I just don't see it in person, but the photos don't lie. So enjoy! No changing your guesses now either.

Monday, November 19, 2007


So it is done. I am switching to Dr. H. I think the decision was pretty easy once I sat down & thought about it. Dr. H made me feel like I was seeing Dr. B again. That is exactly what I was looking for. He was very caring & made me feel good about the decisions I want for my birth experience. I made an appt with him & called Dr. T to get a copy of my records. As soon as the receptionist phone isn’t busy, I will call to cancel my appts. This is unreal that I am actually doing this, but it feels really right to me. I think I will be happy with this choice, as will Rich. In the end, it was my decision, but I value his input as well.

So now I have no idea when the big ultrasound will be. I will ask the nurse when she calls me for my info. I am starting to lean more towards not finding out again. This is very unlike me. I always wanted to know so I could buy stuff & plan.

I think that IF has really changed me and my attitude toward giving birth. I think that is why I am leaning toward not finding out. It is such a thrill & surprise to find out at any time, but I may need extra motivation toward the end. I am giving birth naturally. Now before all of this IF stuff, I was the first one to raise my hand to an epidural. After thinking about it & doing some research, I have decided for me that is not the best thing. So I will be going to the natural family place to give birth, but is still connected with the hospital just in case. I will also not be induced unless it is a medical emergency for me or Cletus. Now this is what I decided is best for me. I am just doing the best for me & Cletus. I do not judge anyone by their choices. I just knew that if the were available, I would be weak, so I am removing them from the situation. I have such bad back pain as it is that I don’t want to be stuck to the bed for hours. But I am not opposed to some medical intervention if necessary for me and/or Cletus. My only goal in the end is a healthy baby to bring home.

I will try to post a belly pic sometime this week. Sometimes it seems like I have popped, others not so much. I can’t believe I am almost half-way there. I am really starting to feel Cletus more consistently now. He certainly likes to shake & groove in there. Especially during boring work meetings.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Consult Appt Results

Sorry to be behind on this update. Yesterday & today were crazy at work trying to make up some time by working over. Anyway the consult appt; that is what everyone is interested in I am sure.

So Dr. H was running late because he had to deliver a baby. No big deal runs with the territory. I later found out he had 4 women in labor at that time. His pager went off twice during our appt. I have a problem with Drs being late due to personal reasons, like their kid forgot their stuffed animal at home and they have to run & go get it for them. Sounds mean to hold that against them? Not when the mom doesn’t work. This is a true story too. So anyway it turns out my friend Devon who recommended Dr. H was in the next room waiting to see him as well. That was pretty funny since I could hear her thru the air vent. So he came in & he asked me to tell him about myself. So I gave him the short version. Then he asked if I had any questions. I asked all my questions & his answers fit with our wants at this time. He also said with the anti-phospholipid syndrome we may want to do more ultrasounds to check for correct growth. Also he would probably do 1-2 NST being in week 34. He said that the other Dr in the practice holds the same beliefs as he does or they wouldn’t be able to practice. Dr. H asked me if he could listen to the baby, which of course I didn’t turn down. He also measured my uterus height which I hadn’t had done yet. He was kind of funny with the Doppler. He closed his eyes so he could really concentrate on finding the heartbeat. He found it within a minute. He also found Cletus hanging out by a place where my heartbeat can be heard too. He really seems to like it there. I think we may have to get one of those womb/heartbeat bears to calm him after he is born. He helped me back up off the table, which impressed Rich, and said he would love to take care of me or told me good luck. He said he was glad that things were going so well this time. He of course isn’t the only one.

So I think that Rich was impressed most with his laidback attitude and the very nice and caring staff he had. We didn’t feel rushed at all even though he was behind. He took his time to answer our questions and really talk to us about my questions & concerns. I was impressed because he didn’t charge me for the consult visit. I was ready to pay & they told me there was no charge. I didn’t think Drs did that any more. I was also happy to hear that the things I am most worried about he was ok and agreed with what I would like.

So now we have to make the big decision. We really need to sit down & discuss things to make sure we make the right choice. Especially since I don’t want to change again. I am really glad Rich went since he hasn’t been going to my other Dr appts. I just wanted another view point so that I wasn’t biased.

Ironically enough, I got a reminder call from Dr. T office regarding that my 2 pre-payments for delivery were now over due. I don’t think I will worry about that until after we make our decision.

I am also starting to feel Cletus move & kick. It is so cool!! It is very irregular right now. I can’t wait until Rich can feel it too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dr Appt

Appt with Dr. T this morning was anit-climatic. BP was 110/80 which is really good for me. Listened to the baby’s heartbeat and all kinds of kicks to the Doppler. Maybe Cletus is getting tired of it? Since we use it at home 2-3 times a week. I gained more weight on his scale than at home. I believe mine more. Dr. T mentioned that I am starting to pooch out now. I think I really did pop over the weekend. No more regular clothes for me.

So I asked him about an induction due to Hep.arin and a couple of other questions. He said that we may have to induce if I want an epidural, but everything else he basically said we have more time to talk about towards delivery. Um, no we don’t. I actually got out of there in ½ hr which is an absolute miracle for him. I didn’t want to come right out & say I was Dr shopping, but I think I got the two main questions answered that I was concerned about. The Cystic Fibrosis and neural tube defects came back negative. That is a nice relief. I felt a little better going to see him today. I think I was more relaxed since I know that I do have a choice now. Things seem to be going along very normal. I do have my ultrasound scheduled, but if I don’t stay with Dr. T I will have to cancel since it is in his office.

We started to look at nursery furniture and baby stuff this weekend. Oh man is that stuff expensive!! And very overwhelming. I did get Rich to test drive some stuff and look at some of the big accessories we will need. I think he had fun. I started feeling really bad so we had to cut it short, but I think we found the nursery furniture we really liked. It was fun and very weird. It was surreal since I said to Rich, “Did you ever imagine you would be looking at this stuff and actually thinking about buying it?” Usually we would just day dream about it and by the time the pregnancy came along it was out of stock or discontinued.

I have decided to be full time in maternity clothes. I wore a pair of jeans and a shirt on Saturday & I even have to admit I looked pretty cute. It was very obvious that there is a little one on the way. I even heard someone else comment about me at a restaurant. It also made me feel like not such a fraud at the big baby store. It is very nice to be at this point.

Friday, November 9, 2007

18 wks

So I am 18 wks today. This is so crazy!!! I never expected to get this far. This feels like a magic number to me for some reason. I think I might be starting to pop a little bit more too. Maybe I will start looking pregnant instead of fat soon. Have my OB & consult Appts next weeks so I will update after those.

I went to the gym with Rich last night. I was very proud of myself. I walked .75 miles, but couldn't go above 1.9 because my heart rate was already at 119!! We couldn't remember the number to keep it under so we guessed 120. I think it is 140 though. My back & hips have really started hurting so I want to start doing the prenatal yoga as well. But yeah for me going to the gym. I also found out about their child care so we can take Cletus at 6 wks. They don't feed or change diapers though. I thought the gym was a good idea since I ate a ton of candy yesterday.

I also created a baby guessing poll on the side bar. Just click on it & it will take you to the cite to guess what Cletus is, when he/she will be born & the stats for Cletus. I thought it would be a fun thing to do to entertain everyone.

If we take a belly pic this weekend, I will post that so you can see how I am carrying or whatever else you might need to know.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rough & Evil

Well things are still going for me. I am still getting sick. Week 17 and the puking continues. I am so ready for the second trimester goodness to start anytime now. I guess maybe I am going to get skipped for that as well. So things have been sort of not so fun lately. Actually this whole trip hasn’t been fun, but I know the end result will be so worth it.

I actually had a pretty bad breakdown on Saturday after Rich gave me my Hep.arin shot in the arm. It hurts so badly and it just feels like it is getting worse. I am literally running out of room on my body that is not covered in hard cysts or bruises. I told him that I didn’t want to take the shots anymore & that I was done. Of course that is the hormones talking, but I really am tired of the shots. It is much harder than I thought. I dread them now, but I want Cletus to make it so bad that I am ok with them most of the time. Just had a breakdown the one day.

So we had the family party since we told everyone we are pregnant. SIL is pregnant as well & has the cute baby bump to show it off. As she was rubbing all over it in front of my IF SIL and IF cousin. I really tired hard not to talk about the pregnancy in front of them or have everyone fawn all over me. I have been on their side & it sucks, so I try really hard not to talk about it too much. Anyway, IF cousin asked evil SIL how far apart we are & she responded 10 days, but I am due first. I hope I go first too. So my other SIL told me this later & I was infuriated. I never expected this from her. With everything else they have been totally cool & obviously someone is getting a tad jealous. So I talked to Rich about it later & even he was mad about it. That takes a lot for him to get mad about something like that. So first off I am hoping she has a boy because she won’t even acknowledge a boy may exist. Then the next time I see or e-mail her I am going to talk about how glad I am that she is having the first Burns’ grandchild. That I never wanted to be first (which is true) and that Rich told me all the bad things about being the first grandchild and I am glad that it is not going to be my kid. I think that will get her thinking that it isn’t that great since she doesn’t tolerate Rich’s family well anyway. I am not usually evil or vindictive, but pregnancy is bringing out that side in me.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Consult Appt!!

So Thanks to my wonderful friend, Devon, I have a consult appt in a couple weeks with Dr. #1. I think she probably went and bullied him into it, but whatever. I am just happy to have a second choice now. I see Dr. T on Monday and Dr. #1 on Tuesday. Then I can make a decision. I feel so much better now, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I think I had already accepted that maybe I wouldn’t get the exact birth I wanted this time, but that I was ok with it. I am glad that I don’t have to be ok with it if Dr. T isn’t going to cooperate. Yeah Devon!!!!

I also ordered a Doppler today for myself. It is so nice to listen to the heartbeat whenever we want. Especially since movement is so sporadic right now.