Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We have a tree

There is a Christmas tree up in my living room. It is not decorated yet, but it is up in my house. So what you may ask? Everyone has a tree up this time of year. Well it is a huge deal this year. We have not had a tree since 2005. We just never felt the desire or need to put one up. Why put it up when we won't be home and neither of us was very excited to celebrate another anniversary of a D&C or another year without a little one in the house.

Well since C is here this year we decided to put the big tree up. We did this on Sunday afternoon during C's big nap. After struggling with the tree and directions we finally got it all up and fluffed out. We turned the lights on, (side note- whoever thought to put the lights already on fake tress is a hero in my book) I turned to Rich with tears streaming down and said "We have a tree in our house". We have a tree in our house because I have a son sleeping in his room. There is an extra stocking to be hung, toys to put under the tree, Santa Claus pictures to have taken, Christmas cards to send out and joy to be had this year. There is a wonderful reason for the season this year. I am so thankful to have C here and in our lives.

We have a baby's first Christmas ornament that Rich picked out and put on a prominent branch in the front of the tree. We both teared up when he placed that one on the tree. Even though he has been here for almost 8 months it still seems unreal at times. I really hope to have a magical time this year and enjoy seeing it thru C's eyes.


Sarah D said...

That made me teary. I hope you and your precious little guy have a great Christmas!

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