Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting older and more broken down

As the year ended, we were informed our insurance would be switching. So I decided to get some baseline bloodwork done before the small copay was replaced by our gargantution dedictible H*S*A crappy insurance. Well turns out I missed the deadline, but I digress. I got my glucose (A1C), AMH(ovarian quality/quantity), thyroid and prolactin checked. This was in preparation for trying again when we were ready. I knew that nothing woudl be covered, so I wanted to get it in under the old coverage.

The results:
A1C - 6.1 less than 7 normal
Prolactin - 7 less than 30 normal
AMH - 1.7 Normal 1.4-3.5
Thyroid - oops not enough blood

So the AMH has me worried. It is on the low end of normal. With PCOS I should be on the high end around 3. So the old eggs are looking not so fresh. Not a good sign.

The A1C is high for the Dr office so an increased dose of Metformin is in the future for that.

The thyroid I have had checked twice. THe last one was Monday and it is continuing to increase. 3.3 to 3.9 so I am now starting meds for that.

At first I was very depressed. More and more bad results piling on and me screaming into AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) is sad. But I looked at the bright side of things finally. This is very common after having your first child. It is another auto immune disease so it is just par for the course. It explains me being cold all of the sudden all of the time and me being exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. So getting an answer is a good thing.

But what does it mean for trying again? More pills, less time to try and more money thanks to crappy insurance. It means three biological kids is probably out of the question.

So that is the story for now. We shall see where this all goes.


MrsSpock said...

That AMH does seem kind of low for PCOS. What does Dr B say?

Our magic number is likely out of the question too, at least for biokids. Bodies suck!

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