Sunday, June 1, 2008

So much to say

Things are going pretty well with Cam now. He will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Where did the time go? He got really fun and more calm after 5.5 weeks. He is over 10 lbs now but still wearing newborn clothes and diapers. I am ok with that. He doesn't need to grow up too fast.

I only have three weeks left of maternity leave. I am so sad when I think about leaving him with daycare. I know he will be fine and the daycare will take care of him, but I still wonder if this is the right thing. Will they burp him and change his diaper when he needs it? Will they snuggle him in the afternoon for his nap and hold him when he needs it. Then I also think about all the time I won't be with him. I will only get a couple hours at night and the weekends. Someday we want a bigger house and other things for Cam so I need to work. I look forward to the adult interaction, but I am dreading leaving him everyday.

Got the all clear at my 6 wk check-up. Told Dr H that there will be no birth control for us. Took us 4 yrs for Cam and I don't like what the hormones do to me anyway along with the clotting factor makes me nervous to take it again as well. He said he didn't blame me and said he was a risk taker too. He did warn me that the second baby can sometimes come quicker. So we have been warned.

Cam is doing really great. He is only waking up 1 time during the night now. He is growing well and is getting so interactive. He is really starting to be more alert and aware of those around him. He knows Rich and I by voice. He loves to play on the floor with his gym and all his toys. He loves being outside and going for walks.

Cam has been on his first overnight trip with my parents. He did really well and we got a full nights sleep. I cried quite a bit at first but eventually started to relax and have fun with Rich. I am sure the beer helped too. :)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I don't get much computer time anymore. Probably won't be too many more until I go back to work since I want to spend all my time with Cam. Someday I will also get my birth story done as well.

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