Sunday, May 4, 2008

C is not for cookie

At least not in our house. It stands for colic which Cam seems to have. He has very fussy times in the early morning and the early evening. It is very hard to just hold him and have him scream no matter what we try and do to help him. Sometimes we can do things to help him, but more often there is nothing to do. Rich is having a hard time dealing with the crying for no reason and it is stressing him out. I try and just relax and get thru it, but the first time it was very hard and I cried right along with Cameron.

Cameron had his first real bath yesterday. He wasn't too mad when we did it and of course we got some pics to embarrass him with later in life.

Cam is starting to turn his head when he feels like it and is getting more control if his neck. That is fun but also hard when we are trying to burp him and he decides to turn his head himself.

The stroller came in finally and we put it together Friday. I hope to take him on walks now that it may stay nice and not as windy.

Daycare called and one of the families is not coming back after the birth of their second child so we are in right away in June when I go back to work. That is a big relief for us. I really wasn't looking forward to having my mom watch him for that long. This way he will get into the day care routine at a younger age which will hopefully help him with the transition. I know nothing will help me with the transition. Rich thinks I won't go back to work. I just don't think that is possible.


Anonymous said...

How are you guys doing? Everything going okay? Give us an update when you can...

Anonymous said...

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