Monday, September 22, 2008

No clever title this time

Something has been nagging at me this weekend and I wasn’t able to figure it out until just now. I found my old calendar and ultrasound picture today. I thought these were lost in the move while I was out on leave. My old calendar has a pink heart on the date for this Thursday. Autumn would be one year old. My heart is hurting so much for my baby girl that I didn’t even realize it. I love C with all my heart, but I miss Autumn too.

On a separate note, I am torn on what to do with this blog. I know that the title says and beyond, but I am not as comfortable writing about the and beyond here. Too many people in real life know about this one. I will never take it down as it was an important part of my life and a great place to get everything out, but I would like some anonymity as well. I don’t regret one bit that I shared it with all of you and it helped me tremendously, I am lost. I don’t know where to fit in anymore.

So maybe this is one last call. Someone bring the whiskey and beer.


MrsSpock said...

You can always make a private IF blog and announce your move on the L & F. Or retire this one and make another when you feel the need to address this topic again in the future.

Julie and Greg said...

thinking of you both on the 25th!