Friday, October 26, 2007

Dr. Update and First Baby Gift

Well the first Dr I called will not do a consult. He will only see me if I decide to become a patient. That really sucks because do I really want to go into a new Dr and not know what he might be like. I do have the knowledge of a friend who is currently seeing him, but that is not the same as actually making a decision myself. Dr. T was recommended to me by a friend & that isn’t working out that great right now.

The second Dr I have not been able to get a hold of yet. He seems to have weird office hours & is not open when I am able to call. This is so frustrating!!

So the decision is that I will go to my next Dr. appt and ask Dr. T about some things I would really like to be done or not done for the birth of Cletus and see what his answers are. Then we will go from there. I am leaning towards less intervention for birth & I don’t believe Dr. T will be all for that. He has been more of the medical type to me. Maybe he will surprise me though if I tell him that is what I really want.

Thanks Mrs. Spock for all the things to check out for new Dr. There were some things on there I hadn’t thought of. Especially the C-section stuff. That is really scary.

Also Cletus got his first present not from family. A little onesie that says “Nothing’s wrong . . , just testing you”. It is so tiny & so adorable. I keep telling Rich it is so tiny & we are going to have something that fits in it. Yeah!!! Thanks Cynthia!! I have lost your e-mail address so hopefully you are still reading this.

I am also getting sick today. So thrilling since I can’t take a damn thing for it. I have had some Tylenol & that helped last night, but it is getting worse today. Ugh!!! Good thing we didn’t have much going on for the weekend. Lots of fluids and rest for me.

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