Sunday, April 27, 2008

Declaration - No relatives week

So I have declared this week as a no relatives week. The step in-law pissed me off yesterday with a stupid comment so I think that if they are going to be pissy and mean about us not coming over when we already have plans, then they have to go a week without seeing Cameron. The other thing that makes me angry and sad is the fact that Rich and I have been married almost 8 yrs and all the in-laws have visited and/or called more in the past two weeks then they have in the past 8 yrs. It is almost like we aren't important until we have a child and then we are interesting enough to visit. Of course then all the attention is on Cam and all they want to do is hold him and annoy me. And when they come over no one offers to help with anything even if I am folding laundry or paying bills right in front of them. I feel weird asking them to help since I feel like we are being judged as it is on our parenting ability.

We had to spend last Tuesday cleaning the house and making it very presentable for the in-laws coming to visit. It made me sad that the last full day Rich had at home, we hoped Cam would sleep for a long time so we could get more cleaning done. Probably why at 1.5 wks post partum I started really having problems again. The nurse said to take it easy or I won't heal. Easier said then done.

So I am opening up the invitation to our friends to come and see Cameron. I am so excited to have you come see him and to see all of you. I feel like we have been cooped up from the outside world for long enough. Just give us a call or e-mail so we can set things up.

Also I was able to log into the Expectnet poll on the blog to post the winner of the game to guess the stats for Cameron. You can just click on the picture to see who won.

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Jason said...

Ha! You're wrong - I won! I was always taught that it's the highest score that wins. :)