Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So my old job contacted me a couple weeks ago to try and fill a position. I was contacted as they want me back really bad. I am the first choice. I was tempted as I knew I could make as much as I do FT now at PT there. I was also hoping to negotiate working just 3 days a week so that I would have 4 days with C. This way I would still be working and making money, but be with C the majority of the time. I figure I could tolerate it just 3 days a week. Also I wouldn't have as high daycare costs since I would use a grandparent. I would still pay them but not as much as daycare.

Well I finally heard back from them today. They want FT and at the minimum 6hrs/day everyday. Go back to all that stress and pressure everyday, no thank you. I will stay where I am at for now.

I guess everything works out for a reason.

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MC said...

Hi Jen and Rich,
Hope you are doing fine and the little one as well. I saw the pictures you took in the park.. He's a cutie.

I was wondering if you received my present that I sent in the mail quite a while ago (approx. 3 months ago)? Hope it didn't get lost in the mail. That would be nice of you to let me know if you received it.

Hope you are enjoying you summer with your little one.

MC & Justin