Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was going to do a post about my reflections on 2008 and what a year it was but I couldn't get my act together for that. Now it seems stupid to do that. Why bother?

I haven't started out 2009 with my best foot forward. I have not been a nice person to someone I love deeply and I apologize for that.

I need to loose weight and cannot get motivated to do it. Health wise it is imperative, but even that is unmotivating to me. I have no willpower and can't stay away from the good stuff. I lost 30 lbs after the 2nd mc for motivation to have a baby. Now that he is here and tangiable you would think he would be motivation to stick around to see him grow up? Not so much.

I am a big Blog reader especially IF blogs. Sometimes that is the way to fill my day since they won't let me do more stuff at work. So why is everyone going password protected all of the sudden? I hope this isn't a huge trend. I don't plan on passwording this blog. I have thought about having a more anonymous blog to write more controversial posts, but I can barely keep up with the two I have now.

I am having a moral/ethical/jealous dilemma with a girl I work with that is pregnant. We are almost long lost sisters in our similar paths of TTC/IF and recurrent loss. She is pregnant and I know more than she does about the land of IF/loss and where her current pregnancy is heading. She is so excited. So I keep encouraging her and telling her that maybe she just ovulated really late and that is why she is measuring behind! Even though if she stopped to think about it mathematically it is impossible. Ugh!!! Sometimes it sucks to know as much as I do about this crappy stuff we are dealt.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have no motivation for much right now. I need something to look forward to in the near future. My co-worker says I need a vacation because I am getting bitchy and mean at work too. I am trying to convince Rich of the same thing. We are working on it.


Julie and Greg said...

well I know a cruise that is really cheap! but I know the timing isn't good! i have a few ideas to get you out of a funk!

MrsSpock said...

I really enjoyed my cruise and highly recommend it!