Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Motivation came to me on Saturday in an unusual way. Our pipes froze so we had no hot water Saturday. So I said I would go to the gym and take a shower. And since I was there I decided to work out as well. I did 25 min on the exercise bike. I felt really good afterwards. Although a little lightheaded. I have got to remember to start eating before exercising. And I got a hot shower which made me feel even better. Pipes thawed by Sunday so we were ok. We do have a crack in the drain from the water softener so we need to get that looked at. I was hoping to get the outside fixed up this year but it looks like it will be the inside instead.

Yesterday was so awesome!! I got up to help Rich get C ready to go to school. Then after they left I went back to bed. I slept a couple more hours and then finished ecl.ipse. The Twil.ight series is so good. Then I went had lunch and did some shopping. I got some stuff for C (clothes for now and this spring) and a new purse, wallet and tech case for me. I spent almost all of my b-day GC and money from last year.

I went to pick C up a little early since I was over that way. He got a huge smile on his face when he heard my voice. He was "helping" Ms Katie rearrange the toys on the bottom bookshelf when I got there (He was taking all the toys out and throwing them on the floor). I went to his crib to get his car seat and coat and he turned to look for me. C bonked his head on the wood bookcase. Poor dude! He started crying really hard tears. I went and picked him up and he smiled and buried his head on me. So funny!

This morning we put him with his girlfriend and they were so happy to see each other. She had on sparkly shoes that he loved. This has been a fun.

Yesterday was so nice I even made dinner last night. I feel 1000% better today and not in nearly as bad of a mood as usual to be at work. I definitely need to pay attention and do Jenn days more often if I need to. It is better for everyone when I do.


ohioana said...

Glad you had so much fun. There is nothing so precious as a good mood!

Sarah D said...

Yay! glad you had such a great day!

Julie and Greg said...

YES you need "me" days! Glad you had fun and sounds like you got some fun stuff!! You guys could have used our hot water! Heat, a different story!

MrsSpock said...

"Me" days are very good! I'll be back at the gym tomorrow too!

Anonymous said...

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