Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Information Overload

So Cletus is actually going to be born soon. I know this seems like a duh moment, but to us I think it is finally starting to sink in. We toured the hospital this week and we both talked afterwards that it was one of those, holy crap we are going to be having a baby here very soon moments.

We ordered the furniture this week as well. That was an ordeal in and of itself. I think we were there for 2 hrs!! We knew what we wanted; we even picked out the glider and ottoman and got that as well. Unfortunately the glider and ottoman are being discontinued so guess who got to drive to Columbus on their day off to get the ottoman? If you guessed Jenn, you are correct. That was a very long & tiring drive with some confusion at the end, but I made it & got the ottoman. The rest of the furniture will be here in a couple weeks. That means it is time to drain the waterbed & paint the stars. I found a template for the star so we are good to go there. I just need to pick a color.

I have started organizing clothes for Cletus. We have all sorts of sizes since I have been buying some winter stuff on clearance now. I can’t believe how cheap stuff is right now!!! I can’t pass up a 15.00 sweater for 2.50, plus they are so cute!!! I can’t wait to dress him up when he gets here.

I also put the deposit down for daycare for Cletus. I went to tour the place that Rich loved on Monday. I wasn’t feeling that great so I wasn’t paying too much attention so it was a good idea that Rich had already gone. He has a spot starting 9/29, but we are no. 1 on the waiting list. The director told me there is a good chance we could get moved up before then. I am really hoping that is the case. I want to get him into the daycare and the learning routine as soon as possible.

My Dr appt this week was really good. PAP was totally negative!!! So I truly think my theory is correct for the abnormal one. Also I passed the glucose test. I was so shocked!!! I thought for sure with the PCOS and insulin resistance there was no way that would happen. The nurse told me the number though and it was a clearly passing number. No anemia either. I am measuring perfect even though I am not very big at all. Dr. H said that things were going perfect and not to worry. Easy for him to say.


MrsSpock said...

Lucky duck! I just failed that damn test and now I have to take the big one...

sarah said...

So glad your tests came out fine! I love finding clothes for a great deal. It is hard not to buy everything you see :)