Monday, January 7, 2008


I think I am going to just make this a mass update on the things happening over the past couple weeks. There is some stuff going on, but nothing too interesting.

Next Dr appt is tomorrow. Will schedule the glucose screening then. Supposed to have my PAP too, but I am going to try to wiggle my way out of that until after Cletus is here. We will see how successful I am tomorrow. I also got a letter from the new Dr stating there is a pre-pay for delivery, but I don’t have to pay it now. They gave me the option so it is one less bill to have to deal with later. We also have a deductible which I was not aware of so that was good to know. At least they aren’t going to hound me and call me about the money every month like my last Dr office did.

I think the biggest thing is that we have Cletus’ room cleared out. Rich & I didn’t even fight once, which is amazing. I think we finally have a system worked out so we don’t have to get on each other anymore. Everything has been removed except for the waterbed and a book shelf that is staying in there. I can’t even believe we did it in just a couple weekends. If I ever get the nerve up I may post the before pics on here. It is pretty embarrassing, but it is what it was. I hope to get the waterbed out sometime this week.

We ordered the bedding this weekend. It should be here sometime in the next couple weeks. We also have a painting scheme in mind now, so I am excited to get the bedding here to match the paint up and get started. It is just going to be decorative. The walls will stay the same color I think. I reserve the right to change my mind. Sorry Rich!!

We went and bought a bouncy seat at Tar.get on Saturday. It was so weird to pick it out & put it in the cart. We returned stuff from X-mas so we decided to buy the bouncy seat with it. It is very cute. I can’t wait to put Cletus in it.

We have also picked out a daycare for Cletus. That was the most stressful and at times terrifying thing we have done so far to get ready for Cletus. It is so hard to decide on a place to basically raise your child while you are at work. I think Rich is going to do a big post on this at some point, hopefully soon. I should point out though, that I am totally trusting him and going on his recommendation since I haven’t been to this particular place yet. I plan to visit in the next couple weeks though.

Time is really starting to fly by now. The 1st & 2nd trimester really drug by I think. Now the first trimester is next week. We have a lot to do to get ready to bring Cletus home, but we are doing good so far.

I have been thinking of starting a website to update family about the baby. If I do that it will be private, but I will let everyone know about it.


MrsSpock said...

I am just starting to look at breastfeeding and infant care classes (the infant care for Mr S more than me- he held a baby once and has never changed a diaper)- and it takes up a lot of time. I also need to get on the ball and find a doula- where did the time go?

Julie and Greg said...

very exciting! I am always across the street if you need a babysitter or someone to paint! haha we are getting good at painting. need some artwork? got that too!

MC said...

The room is ready.WOW. You guys are doing an awsome job. Justin was home and his room was not even started : )

Keep going you are almost there..

Hope Jen still likes her new job and you are still happy with your decision.