Monday, January 28, 2008

Registry - Check!

Registry is done. That was something that had been weighing on my mind. I am so thrilled it is finished, for now anyway. I may be doing some revisions before I send out shower invites.

I was really proud of Rich & I. Neither of us was thrilled or excited to do the registry. The day started out with Rich being crabby so I didn’t have high hopes. Once we got to the big baby store though it went very smooth. We had a list and some items already picked out. We got it done in about 2 hrs. Then we had to wait for them to finalize it at the end. We didn’t crab or fight at all. We did have to take a break half way through, but that is getting to be the norm for me lately anyway. Getting harder & harder to keep up the pace of old.

Some friends or ours had their little boy on Wednesday. He is absolutely adorable. It was so weird to go and see him and hold him. It was a very real reminder that things are starting to kick into gear for me next. His birth seemed so far off & now he is here. Congrats to Jason & Devon on their little miracle Gabriel Phenix!!


MrsSpock said...

I did all my registries online, with a couple brief trips to the store to see a few items for real...The 4 hour wedding registry was su8ch hell, I can't stand the thought of ever doing it again.

sarah said...

Wooo on getting the registry done in 2 hours! It took us so long because I kept contracting while walking through the store. I kept having to sit down. At least it is over with now and you can get it off your mind!

MrsSpock said...

Hey- you've been tagged on my blog!