Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Does it? I certainly hope so. Sorry about my blogging absence. Work is getting super busy and I am too tired in the evenings now to catch up.

Rich is leaving me for a trip this weekend. I would like to know when I get my turn. I went on a trip without him about 6 yrs ago, but I could use a little trip away. Maybe I can talk him into that for my birthday, hmmmm. A spa trip would be excellent. Hint, hint.

So the most amazing thing happened the other night. Cletus was moving and kicking like crazy. I told Rich to come over and feel him. Rich felt a couple big kicks and then he started with the really light kicks. Rich couldn’t feel those so he just laid there with his head on my belly. Then he said he was hearing the kicks!!! And he really was. He would tell me when he heard a little thud and I felt it at the same time!!! That was so cool!! And something only Rich can do too. I couldn’t believe he could actually hear the kicks just with his ear next to my belly. Cletus also rolled his hand/foot in my belly and basically punched Rich in the side of the head. That was really funny too. I just couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was.

We had a scare last night. Cletus is usually very, very active in the evenings, but yesterday he wasn’t at all. I tried several things to wake him up. Nothing was working though. So we dragged out the Doppler. Rich was able to find his heartbeat pretty quick and wouldn’t you know, that little booger started kicking me hard just then. I told Rich we are in so much trouble. He is going to be super stubborn, just like mommy & daddy.

I am in the third trimester now and I can tell it. I am starting to get the waddle going on when I get up from sitting after awhile. I am starting to feel more pelvic pressure and pain. I also am getting bigger. The other day during a work meeting I looked down and was trying to figure out where my big belly came from. I need to take another belly pic soon. I only have the one so far.

My baby shower has been scheduled and all planned out. I am actually excited since it is exactly what I want. My mom is upset about it, but she’ll get over it. If not, it isn’t going to be my problem. As my sister said “This is all about the baby not the old people. Screw them.” That’s why she got elected to host!!

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