Friday, February 8, 2008

Breach baby

Yep he is breach right now. The ultrasound yesterday confirmed it. He still has time to turn though so I am not worried yet. He wouldn’t show off the goods to confirm he is a boy, but I think the first time was enough for that. He was being shy and stubborn yesterday. Didn’t give us any fun shots, but he did cooperate for the measuring and things they needed. His head is measuring 1.5wks ahead and his belly and bones are measuring a few days behind. Nothing to worry about though as at this point is more guessing anyway. We just wanted to make sure he is still growing pretty much on track.

Cletus is really getting very active at night anymore. He is running out of room and letting me know it too. Rich hadn’t seen my whole belly move when he kicks and moves now so he got to see it last night. Cletus was very active during the Blue Jackets game so maybe we are going to have a future hockey player. I personally think with the cerv.ix kicks he will be a soccer player, but who knows. Rich also thought it would be fun to push on Cletus to see what would happen. Well what happens is Cletus gets pissed and pushes back hard. Rich thought this was hilarious and kept bugging him last night. I made sure to tell Cletus it was not me who was doing it and not to take it out on me. Rich suddenly realized that this probably was feeling pretty weird to me, um yeah you think? He is curled up nice and tight on my right side and hip. Not too comfortable today. Thanks Rich!

I am getting my shower invitations finalized and sent out soon. This is so unreal to me. I have been more emotional lately and everything is making me cry. I can’t believe our little guy will be here in 2 months!!!

The furniture is finally in as well. They forgot to call me so I called yesterday and they told me it is all there now. Good thing we have the new big truck as there is evidently a lot of boxes. I can’t wait to get his room set up. I think we are going to try and get it this weekend. The waterbed will hopefully be knocked down tonight or tomorrow too to make room for all the boxes. We need to clean the carpet and paint the stars before we start putting things in there and together.

Time is getting short for us. 9 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am sure he will do the fliparoo for ya! I remember my gyno telling me that she once had a lady at 40 weeks whose baby was breach. So, she set the lady up for a csection the next day and when she did an ultrasound the next day the baby had flipped! So, it can happen even as late as 40 weeks :)