Friday, March 14, 2008

As I get bigger, am I getting crazier?

I really think that I am. I had a Dr Appt and NST again yesterday. I also had the Group B strep test done. Cletus is still chugging along doing fine. I am having BH contractions but they aren’t painful normally and not regular at all. So anyway Dr. H says he is going to check me as well. Ok fine since you’re already down there. Well I wasn’t “prepared” for the checking. He was pretty far up there and I made a whoa sound. Dr. H starts cracking up laughing. He said he never had a pt almost yodel during the cer.vix check. We both are dying laughing by then. He tells me he is so glad to have a pt like me. I tell him I like to make it interesting otherwise it would be boring and mundane. Plus this time it was just what happened. He is so funny. I really hope he gets to deliver Cletus. Dr. H knows about Cletus’ nickname now, but thought that was going to be his real name. He seemed a little worried about that. He said he delivered a Cletus a couple years ago.

So anyway I go out to the receptionist to schedule my next appt. She asks me about Yodeling lessons. I was like what? She said Dr. H told her to ask me about yodeling lessons. So I tell her why he said that. She apologized and said if she would’ve known what the reason was she wouldn’t have asked. She said he was in rare form that day and they needed to watch him.

Next week is the U/S to check and see if he is head down or breech. If he is still breech Dr. H recommended the version to try and turn him from the outside. If that doesn’t work then we will have to schedule a c-section. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but it might. So everyone give me some head down flipping vibes for my stubborn boy Cletus.

The furniture is finally all unpacked and in the room. Both of us are in love with the furniture and the glider especially. It is awesome. I sat in there last night to go thru some baby stuff. I told Rich it actually looks like a baby’s room now. The rest of the house still needs some work, but slowly we are getting everything organized and ready to go for Cletus.

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MrsSpock said...

I dreamed last night you guys named him Jeremy. Don't ask me where that came from...

Have you tried the rebozo method of turning a baby?