Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby Shower Done!

The shower is over and I am so overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone. I was shocked at how much we received. I do not like to be the center of attention so that was very hard for me. I hope I did ok and that everyone had some fun. We threw out one of the games at the last minute because I felt everyone was gamed out. It was very hectic before getting everything set up because they told me that the room was taken and that people were already decorating. Turns out there was another baby shower that day and they got us confused. I was about ready to throw a pregnancy hormone fit at the front desk.

I am sorry if you were there and I didn’t get to spend anytime with you. There was some drama with my mom that day. I don’t know what was up her butt that day, but she was just pissed at the world. We don’t have very many pictures of her smiling and she wouldn’t socialize with anyone. Unfortunately we don’t speak to any of my relatives so none of them were there. That made it hard for me because I could see it and it just was disappointing. Rich said he saw her afterwards ranting and raving about it.

Anyway, kudos to Rich for stepping in that day. He did everything I asked without complaint. It was great to have him up front to direct people (when he wasn’t distracted by trying to get a drink) and for taking some pictures for me. I know a baby shower isn’t fun for guys but I truly appreciate him being there. Get your tools ready babe; we have a lot of stuff to put together now!!

We got the crib put together on Saturday night. It is gorgeous!!! Rich keeps talking about how much he loves Cletus’ furniture. It is very nice. We also got the armoire put up Sunday after the shower. I have done 2 loads of baby clothes and they are ready to be put away in there. We still have the changing table and glider to get set up but it really is starting to come together.

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