Friday, March 21, 2008

Good News

Does anybody remember the game Heads up, 7 up from elementary school? We played it when we had indoor recess, but I don’t remember exactly how it goes. Anyway we couldn’t play that anyway because Cletus is head down!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!! I was so excited. I had my favorite ultrasound tech yesterday again. She has done the last three and she is just so nice and funny. When she said the head was down and I said yes!!!! Really loud and she said well I guess you are excited for that? No version for me.

Cletus is very obviously still a boy which is good since I have started washing up his stuff. He is also practicing breathing. We saw his chest rising and falling so he is practicing breathing the fluid. This means his lungs are mature. His head is measuring 3 weeks ahead, but she had a hard time getting a good measurement. At this point it is really hard to get a good measurement and everything is a guess. This also means he could be making an appearance at any time. So that means we need to kick it into high gear and get things ready.

We are going to put the car seat in this weekend and probably start getting the bags packed. We still have some more organizing/cleaning to do, but we really have been working on that so we don’t have too much left. I hope to get it done soon so we can relax some before he gets here.

Rich & I went to the Blue Jackets game as a last sort of big event before Cletus gets here last Sunday. We had a ton of fun. Cletus loved it and was active the whole first period. We got some pictures that maybe I can get Rich to get off the camera and post this weekend. I was disappointed I didn’t get on TV or anything, but we still had a blast there. And they won which was great too. The only thing that would have made it perfect was a fight!!

I think Rich & I are finally coming to the realization that Cletus is going to be here soon. I think the ultrasound yesterday really brought things home for both of us. I feel like I still didn’t know if this was really going to work out, even now. I think Rich may be starting to worry a little bit about him coming soon. Last night I had a few contractions that were a little too close together for him, so he made me sit down. It was really cute; Rich told me “Those are too close together, sit down”. Then I was cleaning the clothes off the glider to sit down and that wasn’t fast enough for him. I also have been a cleaning/nesting machine the past few days which they told us can happen a couple weeks before the birth. I have been going longer than Rich after work now with getting things organized.

I am getting so excited to meet our little guy!!! I can’t wait to see what he looks like. 37 weeks today so full term. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

Wooo hoooo! I am so glad he flipped! I can't believe your little man will be here soon! I am so excited for you:)