Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The end is near?

I think physically I am so ready to be done. We are getting so excited to meet our little guy!!! I am having more contractions everyday. They aren’t getting any more consistent, but they are getting a little more painful. It is also a little more uncomfortable to get around as well. I have to have help to get up out of a lot of chairs or couches. I also can no longer wear tied shoes. Slip on shoes are my friends now. I also gave up on my wedding rings a few weeks ago. Getting in and out of bed at night is getting to be a comical event as well. Luckily gravity just keeps me rolling in the direction of my big belly!!

I also think that morning sickness is rearing its ugly head again. I actually had to jump out of the truck the other morning to throw up on the side of the road. Rich & I were both shocked at how fast I can still move and get out of the big truck when I have to. I didn’t want to throw up all over the truck or myself so I guess I just did what was instinct.

Birthing classes are over now. One more thing down before the big day!! I am feeling mostly prepared for the labor part now. We need to pack our bags soon. We have almost everything we need together, we just need to pack it. I am having trouble finding a cute outfit to bring him home in. I need to look at some of the kid’s stores I think. None of the regular stores have anything we like.

Cletus still likes to give me a scare every so often. He usually is very active in the afternoons/evenings. Well he has been having some lazy days lately and that is making me nervous. I have been pulling the Doppler out a lot more lately. Of course as soon as I do that he starts kicking like crazy. Also usually the day after a lazy day, he is moving and pushing all day.

I am starting to wrap things up at work just in case I do go early. I am starting to do some training this week and writing up procedures for those taking over while I am gone. I wish I could take off some time before hand, but it just isn’t feasible if I want as much time as possible with him after he gets here.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Ours was ok with the usual family running around. I will be glad when that slows down I hope.

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