Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am offensive to some

We started birthing classes last week. Yesterday was the second one. We have not had the instructor we are supposed to at all. Both nights have been different instructors. First night was boring. Last night I was hoping for better. Part of it was and part of it wasn’t. The first part was blah. I can read myself. Then we took a break and we could try out birthing balls and the aromatherapy stuff they had there. I went up to smell the stuff and made a comment to Rich and one of the other fathers there overheard it. He proceeds to tell it to the rest of the class.

For some background, there is a town close to us that is a cool place, but has a lot of alternative life styles there. The natural and herbal life is something that is highly promoted there. When you go into stores there it smells like a lot of herbs, the legal kind, which people like to use. I have nothing against this and I use them sometimes as well.

So I told Rich that it smelled like this town. The other dad told that out loud to the rest of the class. One of the other girls there got offended and said their house didn’t smell like that. I was a little embarrassed. Some of the others thought it was funny at least. Oh well, it was just supposed to be for Rich’s ears only but no control over that one.

The rest of the class was really nice. We practiced coping techniques and massage techniques. Yeah baby!!! That is what I was waiting for. It was so nice that when we practiced the pain of contractions with ice it didn’t even bother me. I was able to concentrate on what Rich was doing which was awesome. I am feeling more comfortable with the labor part now. I am just hoping I get to that point.

Last night was very eye opening and surreal. I almost lost it several times because it was just amazing to be there practicing for Cletus’ birth. It was also very nice to just relax and be with Rich without worrying about doing anything to prepare for the baby or have dogs interrupt our time together. We both agreed that part was worth it. The bean bags for two were so nice to relax in. We want one for at home now. It was also good to see all the different ways to cope and discuss what I want and don’t want. I think they aren’t going to know what to do with us since I think we function differently than most people.

I got some not so great news regarding my maternity leave today. I am too emotional to write about it now, but I am very sad that my plan isn’t going to work out the way I had hoped.

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