Monday, July 28, 2008

Now what?

Rich talked to his mom about the dog situation. He told her we are not idiots and we don't leave C alone with the girls. He told her we are tired of the comments. She said that she is very worried about the dogs and Cameron. I don't see an end to her stupid comments so I guess that is that. We just have to ignore her. We will be telling her she is no longer allowed to come over next time she asks. We will just bring C to see her when it is convenient for us, end of story. It is too stressful and not fair to our dogs.

I think the thing that is bugging both of us the most is that she is questioning our parenting abilities and what we are doing with C. We are not the idiot child she does have so I don't know why she is picking on us. We can afford to feed and clothe our child, we took all the classes and we know mostly what we are doing. Parenting is a fly by the seat of your pants ride sometimes, but the basics are down. I knew this would happen since she would question what we did with the dogs before C came along. It just sucks when she has always questioned everything about Rich & I. We mirror his mom & dad's relationship so much and I think that is her whole deal. Maybe it is time to tell her we are not them, we are stronger and in it for the long haul. She needs to cut the strings and let us be the adults. If not the resentment will just keep building.

The sad thing for me is that Rich's parents don't care about him anymore. They still love him and care, but it is all about C now. This year for Rich's b-day his dad & step-mom got him a movie GC. Rich doesn't like movies at all. There are certain ones he is ok with, but if given the choice to do something that is not something he would pick. They told us the reason they got it was so they could baby-sit. There is no thought given to Rich & what he is interested in. It was all about them.

I totally understand that C is important part of their lives now as he is in ours. But I wish they wouldn't forget about their wonderful, smart & caring first born son as well. He is an amazing dad and would do anything for C or for me.

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MrsSpock said...

When I hear stories like this it reminds me how good I have it...