Tuesday, July 15, 2008


When I got pregnant in 2005 I of course was very excited. I figured this was it, we were going to have a baby in July 2006. So I signed up for all the samples I could. Formula, diapers, e-mail reminders – anything I could get my hands on. We had wanted a baby for so long and I just figured well we got the hard part done finally so we were good to go. As we all know that didn’t work out that way. So I had to contact all the companies and tell them I had miscarried and to take me off their lists. All of them complied except for one.

So the company who shall not remain nameless (HUGGIES) still sends me the coupons despite my asking them repeatedly to take them off. Now normally I wouldn’t mind getting coupons. Coupons rock, I am all about saving money. No Huggies has to put this horrible reminder on each coupon booklet. YOU HAVE A XX MONTH OLD! The XX would be whatever months BB should be. We usually get these every 3-6 months. This time it said you have a 24 month old and it had the pull-ups advertised and all these big kids on the front. They also have games and songs inside geared toward that aged child. If the coupons booklets were generic that would be ok, but with the every few month reminder, it just sucks. I refuse to use Huggies on Cameron for principal that they don’t listen to their consumers. If anyone else uses them and wants the coupons I would be more than happy to pass them on. They are generic coupons inside. I would love to try and copy them somehow and pass them to everyone on the internet to make them really hurt where it counts, in the bottom line. They hurt me every few months, why shouldn’t I be able to return the favor?


Jason said...

That really sucks! We've had the same experience with companies sending us stuff with those reminders as well, but we didn't ask for them. I had had enough finally and called the "Customer Service" number on the coupon. I got a recorded message that everyone was in training. So I then looked the company up online and sent them an email. I thanked them for reminding me periodically how old my baby would be if it hadn't died and how I loved revisiting those memories with my wife. I wasn't expecting any response but I got one within 24 hours. The woman was very apologetic in the email and said our name would be removed. So maybe besides the bad name being spread, try harassing them through multiple forms of communication!

MrsSpock said...

When we got married 2 years ago, I was very late. We flew back from our honeymoon on Mother's Day and we were sure I was pregnant. I waited as my Dr had instructed to POAS, and 2 weeks later when I did it was negative. We both feel very sure that I was, but we didn't know about my progesterone issue then. I had bought something in the meantime and it signed me up for coupons etc. I've been getting that crap in the mail for 2 years myself now. There's nothing worse than being ambushed at your own mailbox. Boo to Huggies!

Julie and Greg said...

girl, I got mine the other day too!! i didn't open them, I wonder if it would tell me how old mine would be? oh god Jen,why does this crap happen to good people like us?

glad to see you are stil posting on here!!