Friday, February 29, 2008


Jennifer and I went to get the massages that she planned for us for Valentine's Day last night. They were supposed to happen a week ago but we got snowed out. Mine was mediocre, perhaps I am spoiled by having a sister-in-law that is excellent when it comes to giving a massage but Jennifer felt really good afterwards and where we went is one of the few places around that specializes in pregnancy massages so I am glad she was able to get one and it felt so good. Anyway, in the spirit of my role of entertaining Jennifer whenever we are out, as I was going through the questionnaire I blurted my parenthetical thought below out loud. Jennifer laughed so hard she cried because she thought I was serious. I was at the medical/physical history part.....

Have you ever had any of the following?
Headaches - Yes
Connective Tissue Disorders - No
Liver Problems - No
Heart Disorders - No
Neck Pain - Yes
Sprains/Broken Bones - Yes
High Blood Pressure - No
Diabetes - No
Accidents - (Um... car wreck or pee your pants? Well, both apply even if I was only 2).- Yes, They did said have you EVER......

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