Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bragging Rights

This is totally off topic, but who wants to hear me complain about Cletus still not being here? No one? That’s what I figured.

Rich & I did a fantasy hockey league for the second half of the season. I sucked big time at it. A friend of ours did a college basketball bracket online so I decided to take my chances there. Every year I have paid to have a bracket I loose big time. This one was free. Guess who won?!?!?! I did!!! I also have a world rank of 182 out of at least 45,000. I am very proud of myself since I have never won or come close any other year. My guesses were totally random and done at the last minute. I beat Rich by only one point, but I still beat him.

Yeah!!! Thank you Kansas!


Jason said...

Yes very nicely done. Glad you beat Rich too! I didn't do too good as usual but oh well, it was still fun. I made a similar post today as well boasting how Gabriel won his first fantasy hockey league too!

Julie and Greg said...

you go girl! all us girls are taking the leagues this year! wait until we get on the soccer team! watch out boys!