Friday, April 18, 2008


Things are pretty rough right now in the Burns' household. Much to be expected with a newborn. Cameron is absolutely adorable and we are just trying to get things figured out. We are amazed at how exhausted we are and how tiring our little guy can make us. Breastfeeding is not going well, but I got some great help today that will hopefully fix things around again. Cameron got too dehydrated on Thursday so we had to break down and supplement him with formula. That was a hard blow to take for me, but my milk is starting to come in so hopefully we can fix the issues.

Sometime soon I need to post my birth story. It truly was an amazing experience. Just what I had hoped for and more. In case some of you didn't know I had a natural child birth which I never thought I would be able to accomplish, but I did it. Cameron was also born in the water in a big jacuzzi tub.

Mrs Spock, the water birth truly was the best experience for us. I hope you get to have yours too.

By the way, I have been Hep.arin shot free since Saturday night at 7:00. It was so thrilling to turn that alarm off on my phone.

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ohioana said...

Every breast-feeding mother I know had trouble in the beginning. If you are asking for help and getting good advice, I'm sure you'll do fine.