Friday, April 11, 2008

Last Day and Due Date

Today is Cletus' due date. He obviously didn't get the memo that he can come out today. Actually he can come out any day. We are so ready for this to be over. I am actually going to change our answering machine message for our family that keeps calling to say something snotty about the baby not being here yet and we will let them know when he is here. We are both tired of that.

Today is my last day of work for 10 full weeks!!! I am so excited. Everything is caught up and I am ready to go. Just have to tidy up a little bit and put everything on out of office. I am so excited. Now it would be just perfect for him to show up this weekend so I don't waste any of my time without him here.

It is just so unreal to me that today is the day. I never thought we would get here. Hopefully soon we will be holding Cletus in our arms and looking at his little face. This has been an amazing journey and I want to thank everyone for their support. I hope you will stay with us for the next part of the ride. I am sure it will be thrilling as well.

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Anonymous said...

That is so great that you get 10 weeks off! Enjoy :) Please let us know if you guys need anything.