Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rough & Evil

Well things are still going for me. I am still getting sick. Week 17 and the puking continues. I am so ready for the second trimester goodness to start anytime now. I guess maybe I am going to get skipped for that as well. So things have been sort of not so fun lately. Actually this whole trip hasn’t been fun, but I know the end result will be so worth it.

I actually had a pretty bad breakdown on Saturday after Rich gave me my Hep.arin shot in the arm. It hurts so badly and it just feels like it is getting worse. I am literally running out of room on my body that is not covered in hard cysts or bruises. I told him that I didn’t want to take the shots anymore & that I was done. Of course that is the hormones talking, but I really am tired of the shots. It is much harder than I thought. I dread them now, but I want Cletus to make it so bad that I am ok with them most of the time. Just had a breakdown the one day.

So we had the family party since we told everyone we are pregnant. SIL is pregnant as well & has the cute baby bump to show it off. As she was rubbing all over it in front of my IF SIL and IF cousin. I really tired hard not to talk about the pregnancy in front of them or have everyone fawn all over me. I have been on their side & it sucks, so I try really hard not to talk about it too much. Anyway, IF cousin asked evil SIL how far apart we are & she responded 10 days, but I am due first. I hope I go first too. So my other SIL told me this later & I was infuriated. I never expected this from her. With everything else they have been totally cool & obviously someone is getting a tad jealous. So I talked to Rich about it later & even he was mad about it. That takes a lot for him to get mad about something like that. So first off I am hoping she has a boy because she won’t even acknowledge a boy may exist. Then the next time I see or e-mail her I am going to talk about how glad I am that she is having the first Burns’ grandchild. That I never wanted to be first (which is true) and that Rich told me all the bad things about being the first grandchild and I am glad that it is not going to be my kid. I think that will get her thinking that it isn’t that great since she doesn’t tolerate Rich’s family well anyway. I am not usually evil or vindictive, but pregnancy is bringing out that side in me.


Devon said...

Pregnancy can do that to you LOL:)I wish I could tell you the shots will get better but I am not going to lie! You will make it one day at a time!!!

Val said...

fyi-i didn't get sick until about 6-7 weeks and then was sick the next four months. was counting down until 2nd trimester to have relief like everyone said and it came and went with the sickness remaining. eventually it was actually gone--just later than everyone said. keeps your hopes up :)