Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogging Break

Vacation time is here for me finally. I am joining Rich after his conference in Chicago tomorrow. I am so excited to be going & taking a break. Work has been really busy this week, so I am ready.

My pelvis & hips are starting to ache & hurt so my body is getting ready. I am hoping for a massage soon so that I can get some relief. I am also having horrible insomnia the past few nights. I don’t know if it is Rich being gone & sleeping on his side of the bed or what. I haven’t gone to sleep before midnight any night this week. That has been really hard, but I just keep trucking though. Just trying to get to Thursday.

Monday afternoon is the big ultrasound. So far I think we are leaning towards finding out the gender. Hopefully Cletus will cooperate. I can’t wait to go shopping for gender specific clothes!!!

Cletus moves around like crazy now. Especially after I drink juice. I think I felt my first big roll the other night. I was telling Rich it really is like having an alien in there. You have no control over it, but all of the sudden there is movement. Last night when Rich called me, Cletus started kicking like crazy. I think he miss daddy.

I will update everyone on Monday probably after the ultrasound. I am hoping for a healthy, happy baby. Boy or girl, it doesn’t even matter. I will have my poll up until Monday morning. So far it is unanimous.

Have a great weekend!!!

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MrsSpock said...

Uh oh...I was wrong about it too late to change my mind to girl? I blame the hormones...