Monday, November 19, 2007


So it is done. I am switching to Dr. H. I think the decision was pretty easy once I sat down & thought about it. Dr. H made me feel like I was seeing Dr. B again. That is exactly what I was looking for. He was very caring & made me feel good about the decisions I want for my birth experience. I made an appt with him & called Dr. T to get a copy of my records. As soon as the receptionist phone isn’t busy, I will call to cancel my appts. This is unreal that I am actually doing this, but it feels really right to me. I think I will be happy with this choice, as will Rich. In the end, it was my decision, but I value his input as well.

So now I have no idea when the big ultrasound will be. I will ask the nurse when she calls me for my info. I am starting to lean more towards not finding out again. This is very unlike me. I always wanted to know so I could buy stuff & plan.

I think that IF has really changed me and my attitude toward giving birth. I think that is why I am leaning toward not finding out. It is such a thrill & surprise to find out at any time, but I may need extra motivation toward the end. I am giving birth naturally. Now before all of this IF stuff, I was the first one to raise my hand to an epidural. After thinking about it & doing some research, I have decided for me that is not the best thing. So I will be going to the natural family place to give birth, but is still connected with the hospital just in case. I will also not be induced unless it is a medical emergency for me or Cletus. Now this is what I decided is best for me. I am just doing the best for me & Cletus. I do not judge anyone by their choices. I just knew that if the were available, I would be weak, so I am removing them from the situation. I have such bad back pain as it is that I don’t want to be stuck to the bed for hours. But I am not opposed to some medical intervention if necessary for me and/or Cletus. My only goal in the end is a healthy baby to bring home.

I will try to post a belly pic sometime this week. Sometimes it seems like I have popped, others not so much. I can’t believe I am almost half-way there. I am really starting to feel Cletus more consistently now. He certainly likes to shake & groove in there. Especially during boring work meetings.

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