Friday, November 9, 2007

18 wks

So I am 18 wks today. This is so crazy!!! I never expected to get this far. This feels like a magic number to me for some reason. I think I might be starting to pop a little bit more too. Maybe I will start looking pregnant instead of fat soon. Have my OB & consult Appts next weeks so I will update after those.

I went to the gym with Rich last night. I was very proud of myself. I walked .75 miles, but couldn't go above 1.9 because my heart rate was already at 119!! We couldn't remember the number to keep it under so we guessed 120. I think it is 140 though. My back & hips have really started hurting so I want to start doing the prenatal yoga as well. But yeah for me going to the gym. I also found out about their child care so we can take Cletus at 6 wks. They don't feed or change diapers though. I thought the gym was a good idea since I ate a ton of candy yesterday.

I also created a baby guessing poll on the side bar. Just click on it & it will take you to the cite to guess what Cletus is, when he/she will be born & the stats for Cletus. I thought it would be a fun thing to do to entertain everyone.

If we take a belly pic this weekend, I will post that so you can see how I am carrying or whatever else you might need to know.

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