Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Consult Appt Results

Sorry to be behind on this update. Yesterday & today were crazy at work trying to make up some time by working over. Anyway the consult appt; that is what everyone is interested in I am sure.

So Dr. H was running late because he had to deliver a baby. No big deal runs with the territory. I later found out he had 4 women in labor at that time. His pager went off twice during our appt. I have a problem with Drs being late due to personal reasons, like their kid forgot their stuffed animal at home and they have to run & go get it for them. Sounds mean to hold that against them? Not when the mom doesn’t work. This is a true story too. So anyway it turns out my friend Devon who recommended Dr. H was in the next room waiting to see him as well. That was pretty funny since I could hear her thru the air vent. So he came in & he asked me to tell him about myself. So I gave him the short version. Then he asked if I had any questions. I asked all my questions & his answers fit with our wants at this time. He also said with the anti-phospholipid syndrome we may want to do more ultrasounds to check for correct growth. Also he would probably do 1-2 NST being in week 34. He said that the other Dr in the practice holds the same beliefs as he does or they wouldn’t be able to practice. Dr. H asked me if he could listen to the baby, which of course I didn’t turn down. He also measured my uterus height which I hadn’t had done yet. He was kind of funny with the Doppler. He closed his eyes so he could really concentrate on finding the heartbeat. He found it within a minute. He also found Cletus hanging out by a place where my heartbeat can be heard too. He really seems to like it there. I think we may have to get one of those womb/heartbeat bears to calm him after he is born. He helped me back up off the table, which impressed Rich, and said he would love to take care of me or told me good luck. He said he was glad that things were going so well this time. He of course isn’t the only one.

So I think that Rich was impressed most with his laidback attitude and the very nice and caring staff he had. We didn’t feel rushed at all even though he was behind. He took his time to answer our questions and really talk to us about my questions & concerns. I was impressed because he didn’t charge me for the consult visit. I was ready to pay & they told me there was no charge. I didn’t think Drs did that any more. I was also happy to hear that the things I am most worried about he was ok and agreed with what I would like.

So now we have to make the big decision. We really need to sit down & discuss things to make sure we make the right choice. Especially since I don’t want to change again. I am really glad Rich went since he hasn’t been going to my other Dr appts. I just wanted another view point so that I wasn’t biased.

Ironically enough, I got a reminder call from Dr. T office regarding that my 2 pre-payments for delivery were now over due. I don’t think I will worry about that until after we make our decision.

I am also starting to feel Cletus move & kick. It is so cool!! It is very irregular right now. I can’t wait until Rich can feel it too.


MrsSpock said...

This guy sounds good...I say follow your gut instinct, because when the chips are down and things are moving fast, trust is what you will rely on.

Rich said...

I knew Jennifer would take care of the major stuff. I was looking at little things. For example, he didn't say I would love to have you as a patient, or I would love to be your doctor. He said, I would love to take care of you.

Anonymous said...

sounds great Jenn! I think it's a good sign that he was being paged and late - means that patients nearing delivery get the bulk of his attention. Trust me, you'll appreciate that when it's your turn. I think you should post a belly shot!

Anonymous said...

oops - that anonymous comment above was me. Jeannette!