Monday, December 17, 2007

100th post!!! A Christmas Wish for the Impossible

Are the holidays over yet? This year I was actually happy and excited for Christmas time. I haven’t fought with anyone shopping & have been pretty cheerful when thinking about the holidays coming up. One reason is that this is the last year we have to travel on Christmas Day. Next year it will be staying home all day and having an open house for family. Whoever comes comes. It won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t. Chances are we will have seen them anyway on a different day. Next year will be shopping for the new little one & first Christmas stuff.

This year was looking to be a good one as well. Immediate families for Rich’s Mom & Dad separately on the 22nd, 24th extended dad’s family and 25th my family. Getting it mostly over early is great. Then we can relax on the mornings of the big days and get ready for all the family stuff.

Then yesterday happened. We got all the 22nd stuff worked out early and we were excited. Then the crap happened. Rich’s step-mom threw a fit because we were doing his mom’s before hers & we would get there late. We have to be at his dad’s between 3 & 5, but no later than 5:00. I guess they are going to lock the door then & not let us in. Anyway, I think it is funny that this time of year Rich’s family throws fits about seeing us. The other 10 months of the year they seem to care less. Now I am sure once the baby is born, they will be all over us, but for now there doesn’t seem to be any care or concern for us. They only call or e-mail about a favor needed or a family party coming up. I know they care, but we are the responsible ones, so they tend to leave us alone. This is how we like it. That’s why next year is going to be such a shock for me. All of the sudden getting phone calls constantly & visits are going to drive me bananas. So anyway, our Christmas plans went from happy & simple to sucky & complicated in a few hours.

But I cannot leave the other half of the complex out either. My family is not being very happy this year either. I called with a time to come over for Christmas to my mom and she asked me if she had a choice. She does, but I knew that everyone but her has to go to work the next day. I was trying to make it earlier so that we could spend quite a few hours there and not have to leave so soon. Anyway she is just mad because I am making her wait to find out what Cletus is. None of our family knows except for my sister and Rich’s brother & wife who are due in March. Since we are both having boys we needed to talk about names & stuff. I told my mom I was making her wait for the very last present which will be a blue grandma bib from Cletus. She keeps telling my sister it sucks & is crabby with me. I may just give it to her first and get it over with. She is going to be upset it is a boy anyway. She had already given Cletus a girl’s name a long time ago because she hated the name Cletus.

So tis the season for good tidings & cheer. This is how it is every year and next year will be a million times worse. I really wish it didn’t have to be this way. I remember Christmas being fun and happy times when I was younger. All my grandparents came over to our house at the same time & celebrated the family and the time of year. It is so sad that this is what it comes to for me: a time of year I wish would just hurry up and pass so that I don’t have to have the grinch on my back for another 11 months.

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