Monday, December 3, 2007

Trip Update

So the trip to Chicago was so fun. I recommend going there to anyone. Wish we had a little more time. We had a couple very nice dinners & walked around to see the sites. There are so many nice parks, museums & malls there. It statrted snowing Saturday afternoon. We went up to the top of John Hanock building at night. It was really cool to see the city all lit up. The ferris wheel at navy pier was really cool to see. At the Hancock building we got Cletus' first piggy bank.

So what everyone is probably inerested in is the u/s appt today. We did find out the gender of Cletus. Let's just say HE is not modest at all. There is no doubt he is all BOY!!!!!!! We are so thrilled. I got him his first pair of shoes today. Everything looks great and he is measuring right on. We are going to have our little hockey player. Mrs. Spock you are still right on which is a little bit freaky.

Went to visit a couple daycare centers today to which is another post in and of itself. Well I really wanted to update everyone on the gender of Cletus. Off to do some shopping.


Val said...

YEA !!!!!!!! So happy for you guys!!! Glad you found out! I couldn't wait!

MrsSpock said...

I'm glad it's a boy, especially since I bought two huge lots of boy clothes on Ebay in anticipation of Peanut being a boy. If I'm wrong, they're all yours...