Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I am back to work today. Boo!!! Rich is still off so I hope he is enjoying his time today.

We had a pretty good holiday. The telling that Cletus is a boy went fairly well. Although I mist say I was disappointed that Rich’s family didn’t figure it out. Maybe it is because we told them we weren’t sure if we were going to find out. But we had to explain to them why the bibs were blue. Everyone was very excited. I didn’t make my mom want until the end; I gave her that present first. She ripped into it like you wouldn’t believe. People talk about me ripping open presents, but she had nothing on me yesterday. I think my family was very excited Cletus is a boy. Although my mom had bought boy & girl outfits she did talk about how cute the girl one was & how she looked for shoes to match. My sister also wrote him a poem which was so neat and so emotional!!

Well we didn’t get exactly what we wanted. I had wanted just GC this year. I want to go purchase the new nursery furniture soon. We got a couple, which will help us out. We also got a ton of stuff for Cletus. I think that my mom will be going crazy with boy stuff now that she knows. Cletus is going to be styling for sure.

Rich got me that new back massa.ger that is supposed to be like a real therapist. I hope it helps out. I will probably be trying it out after work today. I am not used to be being stuck in a chair for 8 hrs; it has been 4.5 days since I have had to do that.

Doing both of Rich’s family in one day went pretty well. It was just a long day for me. I started having a breakdown around 9:30 that night. We had been gone since 11:00 am and I knew there would be a big mess to come home to because it was just too long for our dogs. I was so tired and ready to go home, but the games and prizes weren’t over yet.

My parents bought a for their house for Cletus. It is pink and gray. It doesn’t really mater since he won’t know what color it is; I just thought it was funny. My dad & Rich did a test run of it to make sure all the parts were there and went together correctly. It was hilarious. Both of them decided they didn’t need the instructions and would just go off the picture. I took lots of pics of the work in progress. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. At least Rich has experience now putting one together and I think he had fun putting it together too. It was sort of weird thinking that that is for our baby and we will have something to put in there in April.

Cletus is definitely moving and kicking more and more every day. He has really started moving his limbs across my belly, kind of like in a dragging motion. That feels so bizarre!! That movement freaks me out a little when he does it. I put the TV remote on my belly the other night and you can see it move when he kicks. Rich hasn’t been able to feel him much lately. It never fails that when Rich puts his hand on my belly, Cletus stops kicking. Even if he has been kicking in the same spot for a few minutes. He just doesn’t want Rich to feel him moving around.

Overall, the holidays this year went pretty well. I can’t wait until next year for Cletus’ first Christmas!!!

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