Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fun Shopping for Cletus

Well, we went shopping the other day. Got a couple cute outfits and bibs that are blue or talk about boys. I got a cute sleeper that says world’s cutest baby boy, which I totally believe is the truth. We also got a couple pairs of shoes for Cletus. That is my weakness is baby/kids shoes. They are so cute. I am sure he will have no desire or reason to wear the shoes, but they are still adorable!!!

We are telling our families on Christmas. We are getting blue bibs that say I love Grandma and Grandpa for our parents. We are going to give them to them last so that it doesn’t take away from the other gifts or that people just start talking about that instead of all the other stuff there.

Cletus is weighing in a little big at 1lb 3ozs. I am getting very worried about Gestational Diabetes. I had a couple instances lately and one really bad one in Chicago where I got really hot, dizzy & almost fainted. I can trace all of them to too much sugar. I am predisposed to GD anyway, but it looks like it may come to be a reality sooner than I wanted. Oh well, what are 4 pricks of my finger added to the 2 shots a day? That is sarcastic. I was really hoping to avoid it, but I will do whatever I need to for Cletus.

The past 2 days I have started feeling him move, kick and wiggle like crazy!!! He is definitely an active baby. He has been super crazy today, so I am thinking he is going to be a snow lover like daddy. I am really hoping Rich can feel it soon. He was really kicking hard this morning, so I tried to feel it. As soon as I put my hand on my stomach, he quit. Took my hand away & he started up again. He is going to be a stubborn little booger it seems. Wonder where he got that from? Definitely not from mommy. :-) Otherwise we are still on Cloud 9 & so in love with our little guy already.

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MrsSpock said...

I can't wait to have confirmation of Peanut's gender so I can go even crazier with the shopping...