Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celebrate good times!

So 9 years ago today at approx 6 am, I got asked the most important question ever. Out on a boat at Witch Bay camp, Rich read me a poem and got down on one knee in the boat!! It was very romantic, but wouldn't have been if his Dad would have gone like he wanted to. I can't beleive it has been 9 yrs since Rich asked me to marry him.

Anyway, on to what everyone really cares about. We saw Cletus again today. Today was just amazing. We saw hands, fingers, both sides of the brain, backbone, jaw, feet, the cord, sinus cavities and a heartbeat at 163 bpm!!! We also saw Cletus move!!!! Put his hands in front of his face and punched the amniotic sac. I am just saying he as a generic term, we don't knwo the sex. He jumped around a little bit. We both cried when we saw movement. I pointed at Rich & said I told you so. I told him we may see movement & he didn't beleive me. It was really funny. After all the measurements were done and Dr. B was pointing out parts, all of the sudden Cletus jumped. We got some really great pictures this time. Of course Cletus looks like an alien right now, but we love him so much already.

I am getting sick still, more often than not. That is ok with me though. I think it's definitely time for the elastic pants too. I have been holding out for so long, scared, but I think it will be ok now. Still exhausted all the time too.

Rich & I are so excited & relived. We are ready to shout it from the rooftops. We are telling his family this week or weekend. Rich wrote an adorable e-mail in order to tell everyone. Maybe I can convince him to post it here when he is done. :-)

Dr. B told me to make an appt with the OB/GYN & I made my last appt w/ Dr. B today. I know I will get emotional at that appt as he has been a miracle worker & life saver thru this whole process. I get teary eyed just thinknig about it. Appt with him is 9/28 and trans nuchual u/s is 9/27.

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Kim said...

Alien or not you have to be so in love! Glad the bleeding stopped, too. That darn "aggrevation" :-)