Sunday, September 16, 2007

The secret is out

Well we told Rich's Mom and his dad & step-mom yesterday. The funny thing is is that both sets of parents suspected something since we evidently never visit. Works both ways though. Anyway, they were all very excited for us. I don't think I have mentioned it on here yet, but my sister-in-law is due 2 weeks before me. So Rich & his brother will be fathers at the same time. Very scary!! We did tell his dad & step-mom some of what has happened to us, the 2 m/cs & the shots. The missed the first quarter of the OSU game becuase of us. The 2 of them kept leaving the room at seperate times & not sitting down together. Finally Rich just blurted it out. His brother is spreading the news after their next u/s on thursday.

Things are going pretty well for me. Just tired and nauseous. Starting to get my appetite back some thoguh which is nice. My bo.obs aren't as sore but I think that the hormones are starting to level out some now. I have 1 more appt with Dr. B 9/28. The trans nuchal u/s is 9/27. We get to see Cletus 2 days in a row. First OB appt is 10/15. It will be so weird not to go every couple weeks and also weird not to get to see Cletus everytime.

My mom & Rich's Step-mom do not like the name Cletus the Fetus. I am very upset with them. My mom has already renamed the baby. Just confirms the fact that there will be no telling of the name before the baby is born. All the mom's are retired or don't have jobs, so they were already asking about babysitting yesterday. My mom & Rich's mom were talking about setting up nurseries. I have some big news for them thoguh, this baby is going to daycare. This sounds horrible but I would rather have paid strangers watch my babies then family. At least I know that they will respect my wishes. I won't have to worry about someone holding my baby all day long & not giving them a chance to rest or having their first words be "Jerry! Jerry!" Ok so obviously things are already starting to get on my nerves. I knew it would, but people, give me a break. This still isn't a sure thing until I give birth to a live baby. I am ready to run away already. WEll I needed to get that out. I have another post brewing about pregnancy after IF, but I need to take care of something else first. I alos hope to get back to blogging more at work since the policy says you can use the internet during lunch or off-work hours.

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MrsSpock said...

You held out way longer than us...the cat was out of the bag within days...