Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back to School

OK, not really. But tonight I was presented with a situation that illustrated just how much of an education I am in for. We were at the store and to satisfy a curiosity, Jennifer wanted to look at nur.sing tanks. So I follow behind with the cart past all the fun skimpy underwear to the nu.rsing bras and tanks. The nur.sing bras were exactly what I expected. There is a clasp on the strap that holds up a panel of fabric that covers the br.east. When you release the clasp and let the panel down, the cup beneath the panel has a hole in it. That makes sense, how else is the baby supposed to get to the nip.ple if there isn't a hole? Then there were the nu.rsing tanks. They had the same setup with the clasp on the strap holding up a panel of fabric. But with the tanks, when you release the clasp and let the panel down, there is another panel behind it, but no hole. So, you drop one solid panel, only to reveal another solid panel which Jennifer informs me you just push off to the side or down and lift your br.east over it. I'm lost, if you still have to push your garment down or to the side, what's the point of the removable panel. I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason. I have a lot to learn.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, why do you write some words with a period in the middle (i.e.,

Rich said...

I was told putting periods in the middle of key words would thwart spammers. Apparently my wife used to get online pharmacy ads as comments and such on a previous blog. So periods in words like nipple, nursing, Rx names are put there to discourage search software from finding them.