Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make Room for Baby

Or is it make the baby's room!? I enjoy being rather handy at using tools and creative at making things, but the enjoyment stops when being handy becomes a chore. One summer during my time off from work, I designed and built a firewood shed, for fun, that holds about 1/2 chord of wood. It's 4-5 years old and still standing strong. I should give credit to Jennifer here who helped in the assembly and painting. I've made cornhole games, turned old shipping crates into garage storage, and built shelves out of scrap prefab ceiling joists, all more for fun than necessity. However, when it comes to painting walls, fixing faucets, stripping wall paper, I lose interest in being handy really quick. However, we have begun working on the baby's room in earnest and I have yet to experience that feeling of dread. Instead, I was getting my lazy butt up off the couch during commercial breaks and intermissions between periods of the hockey games to finish stenciling and taping the walls in preparation to paint. Tonight we are hopefully going to paint and I am actually looking forward to it. I am excited about how it will look, and I am excited to see the room starting to take shape. The more ready the room, the closer Cletus' arrival. I know his schedule is not affected by the room, but rather our progress towards preparing is a visual indication of just how close his arrival is getting and that is exciting to see. I will be jealous that everything in his room from the furniture, to the paint on the walls and carpet on the floor, and clothes in the closet will be nicer than mine.

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