Friday, February 15, 2008


I was tagged a while back by Mrs Spock for 6 weird things about me. So here they are:

1. When I order at the drive thru window of a fast food place I constantly stomp my foot. Rich gets a big kick out of this one. It is totally subconscious in that I don’t know I do it until he points it out.

2. I am super competitive in everything I do, particularly sports. I have pushed people and tripped them. Once I almost got in a fight with a girl at an indoor soccer game as an adult!!!

3. When I was little I wouldn’t buy anything with my allowance if the numbers on the bar code didn’t come out in even pairs. Can anyone say OCD for that one?

4. I love to listen to others talk about their issues and problems and I love to help them, but I hate talking about my own problems. I am very shy and like to keep personal things to myself. I think I am starting to get over this more, but until last year most friends and family had no idea everything we had been thru to get pregnant and keep pregnant. Also most didn’t know about the miscarriages either.

5. I absolutely love to watch NFL football and yell at the TV like they can hear me. I get very emotionally involved in the games, especially the Browns!!

6. When I was little my sister and I could always tell which Santa presents were hers and which were mine because I had all the legos, electronics and tomboy stuff in my pile while she had all the Barbies.

I think most everyone has done this, but if not consider yourself tagged and post about your weird side.

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MrsSpock said...

I would rather beer-bong a boiling vat of pig fat than watch sports...