Friday, February 22, 2008

Dr Appt Fun

So the fun never stops does it? Cletus is doing well. He is transverse. His head is down on my right hip and his body is curled up on my left side in a C shape. The Dr today was the other dr in the office. He felt around for him. Boy was that uncomfortable. I had a couple Barton-Hicks contractions yesterday walking across campus to pick up checks. Dr. W said that was totally normal.

I will start the non-stress tests (NST) next week. For now just 1 per week. I talked to work about it and they are totally fine. I will also see the Dr next week depending on the outcome of the test. I will also get an ultrasound in 2 weeks to see if he is in position yet. I hope he turns. If not we will talk options then. I am not looking forward to that chat. I am not opposed to a version, but I have heard they are very painful. I would like to avoid a c-section, but whatever happens will happen I guess.

Thanks for all the comments on the stars!! I think it looks so cute! I can’t wait to get it done and start unpacking the furniture.

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