Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One down, One to go?

The stars are painted. Two hours of up and down the step ladder, moving it around, and meticulously painting inside the taped off lines and one coat is done. The color looked more pink than burgundy at first, but it dried and darkened just right. The light colored wall is still showing through so more coats are needed. I say one to go with a question mark because I'm thinking one more might not be enough. We got the "1-coat" paint, and it is noticeably thicker than any other paint I have used, but it will still have to be applied with multiple coats. We started out using one of those cheap foam brushes. They were great for putting a lot of paint down quick, but they were leaving deep grooves across each stroke from the unevenness of the foam tip. In Jennifer's words, "It looked like a kindergartener had done the painting. " Luckily we had some standard brushes leftover from previous projects and we were able to smooth over where we used the foam brush before it dried. Jennifer was a big help moving the ladder around the room since I had this nice bucket with a handle strapped to one hand and a brush in the other. She also sat in the room keeping me company and keeping the pets out of trouble. Tonight Jennifer has plans, so for at least the start of the second coat I will be on my own. Hopefully we won't end up with any red dogs or cats.

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