Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stars on the wall

One coat down, one to go. I meant to get pics last night but the camera battery is dead. I am hoping to get some tonight. The stars look really nice. Rich did an awesome job!! I was just there to supervise which I guess I did an ok job. We had to switch paint brushes after a few stars because the sponge brush just didn’t look right. Also I wasn’t happy with the pain at first, but luckily it dries darker. I think it will match perfectly when it is done.

I really want to get this done so we can get the furniture unpacked and settled. I am seriously starting to want to nest and get everything organized. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he will be here in less than 2 months.

We have been talking more recently and reflecting on the fact that we are going to be parents soon. Most of the time I am not sure we are mature enough to be parents. We are both still big kids at heart and I don’t think that will change. We still have goof ball ideas and sometimes even act on them. Hard to believe we are going to be responsible for someone else soon enough.

Shelby has been doing so awesome every night we are in Cletus’ room working. She sniffs around for awhile and then just lies down on the floor. We are hoping this stays a habit once Cletus gets here. I just laid on the floor with her last night while Rich was finishing up the first coat. Unfortunately I will not be doing that again anytime soon. To painful to get back up again.

Things are going pretty well for me. I am getting so tired physically and mentally. The other night I tried to take my contact out of my ear. I have gained some more weight, but I am telling myself it is the baby and not all the Reese peanut butter eggs I have been eating. I love Easter time for that reason only. I have had some minor swelling as well. I am trying to increase my water intake to counteract the swelling. Hopefully that will help.

Also because pregnancy brain overtook me when I sealed the invitations, I am registered at Babies.R.Us. They didn’t do the print off cards for me and I forgot to add it to the invitation.

My SIL shower is this weekend and then mine is the next. Yikes!!! That means it is almost March. When did that happen?!?!?!?

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