Friday, June 15, 2007

Background - Part 2

Mrs Spock - that is a mechanics creeper that you lay on to work under cars. He was dressed as a mechanic complete with real dirt from the truck. Rich wanted to make sure I pointed that out :-) He had a wrench around his neck. This year I already have his costume planned out. He won 3rd place last year. I am hoping to get him first place this year.

Thanks everyone for all the comments & support. It means a lot to both of us. This was a scary thing to do, but in the end I am so glad we did it.

Anyway, the next part of the story. May 2006 comes & we start on an increased dose of Clomid & IUI again. Can I just say that Clomid is not nice to me. Or maybe I should say I am not nice to Rich when I am on it. I came home one day & told Rich that I just felt like I needed to be mean to him. Anyway May failed. So in June I took the Clomid & failed to ovulate at all. Dr. T personally called to tell me. He basically said there wasn’t anything else he could do for me. He was referring me to the big guns, an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist). There is only one place in town, but he did go to medical school with one of the Doctors there. I will never forget that phone call sitting in the kitchen at the office. Dr. T told me that he really wanted to deliver my babies & I told him I really wanted that too. So I hopped into research mode.

I guess not everyone knows this, but I am a researchaholic. Anything that comes up infertility or TTC I research the heck out of it. I know a ton about TTC & reproduction now. I know I have some friends that do the same thing ;-) I looked at the clinic website & at both doctors on there. I ended up picking the one recommended by Dr. T. Best decision I ever made!!! He is the nicest, most caring & companionate person I could have working on my side. His name is Dr. B. It is very similar to a cartoon character from the 70s I think. Our first appointment with him was July 2006.

That appointment was very good. He didn't tell me anything I didn’t already know. The only disappointing thing was that he wasn’t going to start me on injectables yet. He wanted to try Clomid again since we had success once. He also told me that the pictures of the quads & quints on his desk were reminders for patients like me with PCOS. Too much hormones & stimulation and that is what you get. Rich & I looked at each other after that & said so what is wrong with that. Rich would get almost a full ice hockey team at once, including any girls!! We no longer think that way, but once you have been doing this for so long, getting them all in one shot seems pretty good.

We started Clomid cycles again with Dr. B in August. His nurses & office staff are so nice. They even let me start a cycle on vacation w/o monitoring. August & September failed, big shock. October I went in for monitoring & had a 44mm cyst on one of my ovaries. It was the size of a lemon!!! It was just hormonal, but I was on BCP to shrink it for 1.5 months. One more cycle of Clomid in November also failed, so we moved onto injectables in December. Boy was that an experience. I am not sure how much you can put in a post so this will be continued again. Sorry, 3.5 yrs of TTC takes a long time to get out.

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