Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is why I want to have babies with you

Ok, I am going to embarass Rich some more. He is going to hate it that I have found blogger & know how to post pics. Isn't Rich the cutest baby? The fat rolls are so adorable. The funny thing is I have a picture of me in that same shirt when I was little & I don't look anything like that. I am older than him so I just look more mature :-) Happy Birthday Rich!


Rich said...

Well isn't this fun.....Story goes that the only time I wasn't crying was when I had food in my mouth. Some things never change. :-) Thanks Jenn.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!! I have a pic of Jason with knee socks on one red strip one blue and glasses as big as his face. I always say to him I want to have nerd babies with you. I love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Jenn, I read your blogs and I think you and Rich will make adorable babies! It will happen. Just keep believing!

Lynn G

One Adoptee said...

Ok, so now I'm officially a blogger as well. Check out my page and don't tell ANYONE. I'm not giving out the address to many people!!

from you know who

Happy 4th!