Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blood work results **Updated**

Well since I know I have some blog stalkers out here I won’t keep you in anymore suspense. :-)

HCG 811 Monday’s was 308!!!!
Progesterone 41.1 Monday’s was 35.4 I think.

Platelets & Protime were normal as well. So the painful Heparin shots are doing their job. I had a bleeder this morning for the shot, but it is all worth it for these kind of positive results.

I am starting to believe this might be the one!!!!! Thanks for all the support everyone! We both appreciate it so much & it is so fun to have all of you along for the ride.

I have added an abbreviation column on the side for abbreviations that we may use on here. If you see one in a post & you need an explanation, just leave a comment. We will add it or explain it. I apologize that sometimes we get caught up in the lingo & forget that others may not know it.


Sarah said...

All I can say is WOOHOOOO!!! Gotta say that I am one of those blog stalkers. I kept coming on all day to see if you had posted!! Can't tell you how excited I am for you both!!!!

Jason said...

I guess I am one of those stalkers as well. I have the RSS feed from your blog in my newsreader at work that checks it every hour to see if there is a new post. I can second the WOOHOOO!! from myself and Devon.

Val said...

Yea!!!! thanks for the abbreviations column!!!!